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A poor-quality bed can cause you nightmares as well as reduce the quantity of sleep you get regularly. So, the bed on which you sleep is of high quality. Wooden and upholstered beds are both excellent choices for any household, but one of the key benefits of having a metal bed is the portability it may give if you wish to relocate or just rearrange your furniture. A metal bed frame is very simple to put together and has a solid design that can easily accommodate any mattress. Metal or wooden panels in the core not only allow the mattress to breathe, which is an important design feature that considerably extends its longevity, but the regularly spaced slats eliminate the need for an extra box spring or base.

When you see the latest wooden bed designs in 2022, it quickly improves the appearance of your room while also permanently resolving your sleeplessness. You won’t have to worry about the expense of repairs with its purchase because it is a long-term solution that avoids rust.

When it comes to purchasing a metal bed king size online, especially through an internet portal, there is a myriad of choices. Traditional stores do not have as wide a selection of items as online websites. Let’s take a look at some of the best-selling metal beds available at wooden street.

Types of metal beds online at Wooden street

We have a wide variety of metal beds available including metal single beds, metal double beds, metal bed king-size, and queen-size metal beds. Some of our bestseller metal beds are discussed below.

Mystic black powder-coated metal bed

metal bed

This metal bed king size is quite simple but its clean and straightforward appearance has undoubtedly captured the attention of the public. It has the look of a luxurious bed and spreads adventurous vibes throughout your living area.

Fleur black powder-coated metal bed

This metal bed frame is a work of art in our collection. It has added sophistication and comfort, making it a popular option. Since it is a king-size metal bed, this bed set is ideal for a large bedroom. The cold-rolled stainless steel tubes give it a bold and dynamic look.

Lane black powder-coated single metal bed

metal double beds

It is not surprising that customers choose this single metal bed over the double bed. Because, as I noted previously, it is all about customer preferences. This bed has carved steel frames on both sides, making it visually appealing and complementing other pieces of furniture in the room.

Sun black powder-coated single metal bed

metal beds online

Give your room a unique look with an ever-growing sun pattern design metal bed that illuminates your environment when you wake up every morning. Not only that, but it gives maximum comfort and keeps you cool at all times. Furthermore, to ensure endurance, the best steel variety is utilized, namely Cold Precision Steel Tubes, which are in high demand in the trade.

Svelte black powder-coated metal bed

metal bed frames

Add this queen-size metal bed to your bedroom decor for a beautiful and elegant appearance. It is constructed of superior quality manufactured steel tubes, which boost its longevity and durability. It is good to go for this metal bed if you are looking for an extremely long period.

Roadster white powder-coated single metal bed


This single metal bed frame design is ideal for a guest bedroom or for those who live in a small home. The white colour will provide serenity to your space while also adding to its elegance. Furthermore, to ensure endurance, the best steel variety is utilized, which is in high demand in the marketplace.


So, what are you looking forward to? Shop for metal beds online, measure your room properly and browse for your favourite metal bed frame accordingly. The general rule is to pick a bed size that offers enough space to move around comfortably. Simply, the finest metal bed is one that flawlessly merges your aesthetic preferences with your functional requirements. Check out our latest collection of metal beds and the best deals at

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