How To Care For Motorized Window Curtains?

Curtains are the most popular window coverings used all across the globe. And unlike in the past, modern-day window treatments can be motorized so as to offer ease of function i.e. with the flip of a switch. Just as automatic window curtains offer the comfort of function, they also require proper care.

If you’ve motorized window curtains, you should follow a proper and regular cleaning and maintenance schedule to keep them functional. With that said, our discussion today at Wall Curtains is to explain many simple and efficient methods to help you care for your motorized curtains Dubai.

The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning & Maintenance For Motorized Window Curtains

The importance of regular cleaning and timely maintenance practices can never be ignored. The accumulation of dust, dirt, and grime in the curtain headrail causes hurdles in the smooth operation, and just like that, there are many other damaging factors that need to be addressed from time to time.

1. Make Use Of A Vacuum Cleaner

Speak of regular household cleaning practices and you’ll find that the name “vacuum cleaner” is used most often. Irrespective of the type of fabric curtains, vacuuming can totally be done relatively quickly and without any damage to the fabric’s structural integrity.

In this case, you’ll have to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. The brush attachment will help instantly remove all the unwanted particles like debris, dust, dirt, and grime from the curtain’s surface. And of course, this cleaning practice can be performed on a regular basis.

2. Dust Regularly With A Lamb’s Wool

Any type of window covering should never be cleaned using a plastic duster because it can drastically diminish their aesthetic appeal. And, the best cleaning alternative is using a lamb’s wool duster.

Being extremely soft, this duster can easily wipe the dust and dirt from the curtain’s surface without causing any damage to the fabric. As you know, curtains trap dust and dirt more often than other types of window coverings and therefore, this lamb’s wool duster comes in handy to alleviate all those unwanted, damaging particles.

3. Clean Using A Rubber Sponge

Sponges are considered to be the most effective and efficient method for dry cleaning fabric curtains. One of the most widely used sponges is a rubber sponge. It’s easily available on the market and can instantly remove dust, dirt, and grime from the curtain’s surface.

If you’re thinking that you’ll have to wet the sponge, then immediately drop that thought off your mind. Because doing so will layer the grime completely over the curtain’s surface rather than picking up dust and dirt. Besides, you should avoid sprinkling any form of cleaning agents or water over the curtains to clean them.

All that it takes is a little bit of your effort, time, and a dry rubber sponge pressed against the curtain’s surface to be cleaned.

4. Avoid Soaking The Curtains

One of the major mechanized curtain cleaning misconceptions is to soak the curtains for a sparkling appearance. Besides, soaking won’t not only cause the appearance of wrinkles but will also damage the electric mechanism.

That’s why it is recommended to never directly spray cleaning chemicals on the curtain’s electric mechanism. Hence, any type of wet cleaning procedure should always be avoided to prevent your valuable investment from going down the drain.

In this case, the only thing that can be done is to separate the operational mechanism from the fabric completely and that’s something complex and will take a lot of your precious time.

5. Clean The Electric Curtain Mechanism

Most commonly the functional mechanism of electric curtains gets jammed or won’t function smoothly due to the accumulation of dust, dirt, and grime over a period of time. In such cases, you need not call for professional services. Because you can easily remove the accumulated sludge in the headrail yourself.

5. Follow The Manufacturer’s Guidelines

For proper maintenance, you’ll have to follow the guidelines of your curtains’ manufacturer. That’s because different types of curtain fabrics are susceptible to damage due to distinct cleaning practices. Moreover, you should immediately take care of the removal of stains, spills, etc.

6. Go For Professional Cleaning Procedures

Well, sometimes the matter goes out of one’s hands and if that’s the case, then DIY cleaning techniques can cost you the entire curtain panel. Most commonly, all such issues are related to the motorized curtain control mechanism. Under such circumstances, you should contact the professionals. Besides, getting your motorized window curtains cleaned by professionals is recommended every once in a while.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your motorized window curtains on a regular basis won’t only make them look visually appealing but will also make them function smoothly. In this article, we’ve explained the different cleaning procedures and guidelines for electric window curtain maintenance that you should follow precisely to care for your motorized window curtains.

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