Best Food Storage Containers Ideas for Meal Preparation

It’s always good to up your kitchen storage and organization game! Sometimes it can be buying chopping boards, sometimes it is getting and keeping useful storage containers in your kitchen. Meal planning in advance becomes all the more crucial in the busiest of seasons. These containers take meal prep to another level of awesomeness and save a lot of time during those busy schedules!

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Meal prep containers need not always be fancy, as per one’s comfort, and lifestyle, one gets a plethora of options to choose from. Contrary to the myth that meal prep containers are expensive, they actually save your money on groceries and food, and help ease out the entire process!

Imagine the happiness and sigh of calm, just with some pre-preparation. Imagine you open your fridge to tempting and hunger-satisfying ready-made meals, you grab and pick something because you already kept it in your fridge. Imagine the amount of junk food you will be avoiding by this in the name of “Netflix and munching”! Well, you can achieve all that and more. Here are some of the best food storage containers options and ideas for your meal preparation:

1. One-compartment glass containers with easy, press-on lids: For both- ingredient storage and something you can give in a lunch bag; these one-compartment glass food containers work wonders. These have easy lids and are handy for giving kids in their school lunch bags. Easy press-on lids are unbreakable and such containers are durable too.

2. Colorful funky containers: A food container that is appealing to the eyes, will always work positively for you. If it is appealing to the eyes, you will love doing the meal prep time and again and not run away from it.

3. Multi-compartment boxes: People prefer meals comprised of a variety of things, and love these boxes with little and multiple sections. Food lovers wanting to have large quantities of food get overwhelmed with these. It is best for “a few of this, a few of that” kind of people.

4. Fridge-friendly pressure cooker insert: Why put a lot of containers in the fridge, when you can just put the lid on the cooker and put that instead? Stew, rice, meat, anything, and everything can be cooked in this cooker and stored in the fridge as it is, once it is cooled down. As large as a week’s worth of food can be added in there and you can eat as much as you want- in small proportions or in large proportions.

5. Glass mason jars: One must be acquainted with all kinds of containers before making the decision of settling on one kind. If you have to think a lot about the budget part, then glass mason jars are the best buy. These are cost-effective and still hold a sense of their own uniqueness and style. With these, your food stays fresh and they take the tiniest of place in the fridge. A lot of people use these primarily for salads.

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6. Reusable silicone plastic bags: Reusable food containers also called food bags help limit one’s use of plastics in one’s house. Best for storing stews and soups, these remove the need of storing stuff in plastic zip-locks. The best part (the cherry on the cake)- these are microwave friendly as well! Well, what else do you need?

7. Hot and cold insulated containers: These are the best for temperature control. For the workaholics not having time to heat their food, these are the best. It keeps the hot food hot, and cold food cold. In cases like having no microwave in the office, these act like a saviour. Eat hot food, do not compromise on the food you eat! Food is everything, isn’t it?

8. Cheap, micro-safe containers: Well, no more effort and irritation in waiting for containers to come out of the dishwater. You are never out of clean containers with these micro-safe containers. Although these look simple, they are so much in fashion!

Well, where most people feel that simple containers are best, there are people who are okay spending on fancy containers too as per their fridge size and style. The decision of buying food storage largely depends upon the capacity of your fridge, your lifestyle habits, your choices, and preferences. So next time, you see a food container, do not skip it, instead, give it a shot and buy it – and you’ll notice just how much of a game-changer it is to your kitchen storage routine!

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