When you register a domain name, you count in the beginning of an early stage of putting your website online. However, it is just the first step you take in order to make your website available & accessible on the world wide web. There are various things you can do after registering a .ae domain name. Under this guide, you will learn about the excellent things you can do once you get done with registering a .ae domain. Also, you will get insights into an industry-leading web hosting company that provides easy & profitable .ae domain name registration – Hostbillo. Let’s dive into the segments below & get all the details. 

10 Things to do After You Register Your .ae Domain

Following are the things you must consider doing after registering a .ae domain name for your website –

Secure The Business Name

At the company’s house, you should ensure to secure your business name. This is the priority thing you can see any SME would do. However, if you are not employing your registered domain for business purposes or your company name has already been registered, this step can be skipped.

Email Address Set up

An email has become an integral facet of operating any online business or website. It functions as the most typical mode of business communication. Setting up & using an email for notifying your customers about your products & services is very effective. Leading web hosting companies such as Hostbillo provides email services as an add-on with the .ae domain.

Secure Social Media Accounts

You must secure your social media accounts on different platforms that are relevant to your online business. Also, you must aim to acquire a similar username or handle for all your social accounts. This facilitates you to easily execute branding strategies.

Begin With Email Marketing

You should make an efficient customer mailing list and begin email marketing for your web business. This can be very vital for every online business.

Construct a Holding or Under Construction Page

With the .ae domain registration for your website, you should also involve a web page that tells about your future plans or opportunities under your online business. This can be displayed through a holding page on your website.

Add SSL to Your Domain Name

You must append SSL to your uae domain name in order to have your website URL address beginning with “https” rather than “http”. This helps you incorporate the industry-standard method of data encryption. 

Set up a Blank Version of Your Website With UAE Domain

Most Internet users have a habit of entering the website name beginning with “www”. So, setting up a naked version of your domain name will prevent your website visitors from receiving any error page.

Ascertain Your Website With Google Search Console

By verifying your website with Google Search Console, you enable & confirm that your website will get found online through search.

Add Google Analytics

Employing the add Google Analytics (Webmaster tool) helps you know how many people are using your site. It is a free & professional-level analytics tool that can provide you with much more information related to your website.

Take Care of The Domain Expiration Date

The moment your domain name expires, any other user can take hold of it. So, it is significant to ensure that you renew your domain name of your website before it gets expired.

Where to Buy a UAE Domain?

A steadfast as well as a top-leading web host that can let you easily acquire a .ae extension for your website is Hostbillo. Hostbillo is the fastest advancing web hosting company that is highly recognized for providing a .ae domain at the cheapest cost pricing. The company further offers amazing web hosting features with the .ae domain registration. These features serve as powerful services because the company’s web hosting servers are equipped with top-tier infrastructure, enterprise-grade hardware & resilient web technologies. So, you get the support of servers delivering seamless performance. Moreover, you obtain the following incredible hosting advantages when you buy a .ae domain from Hostbillo web hosting company –

24/7 Technical & Customer Assistance

When you buy a .ae domain country, you obtain round-the-clock technical & customer support service through a team of skilled specialists & professionals.

Domain lock

You acquire an amazing feature of domain lock security. This enables you to secure your website from any unauthorized attempt when you make the transfer of your .ae extension.

10,000 Subdomains

You get the accessibility of around 10000 subdomains with the .ae domain registration at Hostbillo web hosting company. This further enables you to structure as well as customize your website the way you desire.

Follow These Steps to Buy a .ae Domain From Hostbillo

Mentioned below are listed steps that you can easily follow to quickly register a .ae domain for your website –

Step 1: In the first place, you need to check & find out the most suitable .ae domain for your website. You can do this by making use of the best domain search engine provided by the Hostbillo web hosting company. 

Step 2: In the second step, you are required to build your website. This can be done by appending the website builder to your cart in the procedure of checkout. With Hostbillo’s website builder, you can easily construct websites that seem professional without employing any technical expertise.

Step 3: In the last step, you can add the email during the same process of checkout. This will enable you to well market your new website.


The .ae domain name serves as the official country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United Arab Emirates. It lies under the Domain Name System of the world wide web. When you buy a .ae extension for your website, you bring in high value, credibility & reliability for gaining the trust of Internet users.

Furthermore, at Hostbillo web hosting company, you can acquire a .ae extension at the cheapest cost pricing. The company also offers hyper-scale web hosting features & best-in-class web hosting benefits with the .ae suffix. You can visit right away the detailed & official site of Hostbillo to get more insightful information regarding the easy & cheap .ae domain.

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