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Google Shopping Ads have become an undeniable part of marketing strategy. But providing an omnichannel experience and eliminating the pain points is a real challenge.

24Seven Commerce’s integration services not only connect business channels but also help retailers grow sales through various means.

Google shopping allows customers to compare products without visiting individual websites. It keeps the most relevant information on top. Whenever a customer clicks on the ad, they are directed toward the product page of the advertiser.

Thus, it is easier for the customer to find what they want. Staying on top of the Google shopping lists not only gives exposure but also an opportunity to grow.

Although the benefits of Google shopping are immense it is not so easy to set it up accurately as Google requires accurate inventory details. Erroneous information can potentially lead to overselling, delisting, and unnecessary ad payments.

To help retailers enhance their sales and build an online presence, 24Seven Commerce has decided to offer “Google Shopping” as a complimentary and free integration.

The integration helps customers to set up Google Shopping accurately and automate processes hassle free. The Octopus Bridge integrator publishes in-store inventory details and updates the product feed as per Google guidelines.

The whole process doesn’t require manual interventions. With Octopus Bridge, the cloud-based omnichannel integrator, product listing, feed management, and order synchronization comes in handy.

With 24Seven Commerce’s free complimentary Google Shopping integration, managing Google Shopping Ads is much simpler. It utilizes POS data to match products to searches. Multiple in-store products can also appear directly broadening your reach.

Retailers can use competitive analysis to understand their position among their competitors. It tracks business performance using various metrics like product performance, shopping behavior, sales performance, and so on.

About 24Seven Commerce

We’re an integration service provider closely working with multi-channel retailers and POS companies. Our mission is to make integrated eCommerce accessible to every retailer. We have served clients in 20+ countries and have helped retailers expand their business with omnichannel solutions.

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About Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads or Product Ads are visual ads that appear on top of the search results across Google and Google Shopping. The shopping lists include product titles, images, prices, ratings or reviews, and additional information like shipping details or promotions.

It has higher click-through-rates than Search Ads as Shopping Ads serve customers that are at the end of the funnel.

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