Scrolling Text Time Waster is an online tool that allows you to create beautiful crawling, kinetic typography, and awesome streaming text animations. Just write down your own text on the upper field, select the font you want, and adjust various settings to get it looking exactly how you want it to. You’ll also see that some special effects can be applied as well.

What is Patorjk’s Scrolling Text Time Waster?

In the early 1980s, artist Eduard Patorjk created a computer program that would “scrape” text from the Internet and display it on a webpage. The idea was that people could read through this virtual library of information. However, when the page loads, it doesn’t show any text — it just shows an empty page with a blinking cursor in the middle of it. If you scroll down, however, you will eventually see some random text appear on your screen. It could be anything from an article about climate change to an excerpt from a novel or even an email message.

The point of this exercise isn’t to make people waste their time looking at random stuff; rather, it’s meant to illustrate how little control we have over what we see online every day.

Is Patorjk’s Scrolling Text Time Waster a Trustworthy Platform?

Patorjk’s scrolling time waster is one of the most popular websites on the internet today because it offers users the chance to promote their own content through their page on the site known as “Your Page”. This gives people an opportunity to share whatever they want without having to worry about getting banned from other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

However, some people have questioned if Patorjk’s scrolling time waster is trustworthy or not because they feel like they cannot trust anyone anymore after seeing so many scams online these days.

I believe that this platform should be trusted because it has been around.

Additional information about Patorjk

Patorjk scrolling text time waster is a program that will allow you to waste your time in a very entertaining way. There are many different things that you can do with this program and they all involve scrolling through pictures or videos that make it seem like you are wasting your time but really aren’t.

These programs are very fun because they keep you occupied while also making it seem like you are doing nothing at all.

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  • Social Media Showdown
  • Typing Speed Test Text to ASCII Art Generator
  • Text Colour Fader
  • Old School Gaming Filters
  • Keyboard Layout Analyzer
  • Gradient Image Generator, etc.


This tool is a unique and creative way to kill time! It also does a good job of simulating what it would be like browsing through regular scrolling text as well. Definitely check it out sometime if you need something to do or are just bored.

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