Frozen river trek Trips are an incredible method for investigating Ladakh. These climbs take you through the most lovely pieces of the locale. The best thing about these climbs is that they require no unique preparation or gear. They are additionally moderately reasonable contrasted with other experience visits in India like paragliding or boating!

Chadar trek, Ladakh

Chadar trek is a 60 km journey through the frozen Zanskar Waterway. This is quite possibly of the best trip in India and can be made into a straightforward day journey or a more drawn out journey.

Chadar Trip offers stunning perspectives on snow-covered mountains and picturesque scenes as you stroll through rich valleys and lakes cut out by icy masses millennia prior. You will likewise see lovely untamed life including wild ponies and goats.

Markha Valley Journey, Ladakh

Markha Valley Journey is a difficult trip that takes you through the distant Markha Valley. This is a high elevation journey with probably the most noteworthy passes in Ladakh, including a legendary 5,000 meter (16,00 ft) height gain. This makes it quite possibly of the most requesting journey in India and is accordingly not suggested for novices or the unpracticed.

The journey begins from Leh and follows an old shipping lane through lakes and waterways to Pangg La Pass, which is 5100 meters above ocean level. Here you can see the snow-covered mountains through holes in their transcending tops as you plunge into one more valley prior to moving back to the Nubra Valley Cloister, with a few religious communities en route.

Shivlinga Pinnacle Trip, Uttarakhand

Shivlinga Pinnacle Trip is one of the most amazing journeys in Uttarakhand and is additionally perhaps of the most well known journey in India. The trip begins from Rishikesh and closes at Joshimath and covers around 500 km (300 miles). 

The course goes through a portion of the nation’s most dazzling scenes: backwoods, knolls, waterways and lakes… what’s more, could conceivably have blanketed tops en route! The excursion requires 20-22 days, contingent upon how quick you stroll with different voyagers going at a similar speed as you.

Roopkund Trip, Uttarakhand

Roopkund Trip is one of the most famous journeys in Uttarakhand. The trip happens at an elevation of 15,000 feet and goes through thick woods, crossing waterways and lakes on the way.

The trip is troublesome as it includes getting over steep slants, crossing high mountain passes, strolling on cold ways through backwoods with thick vegetation eventually en route. It likewise incorporates setting up camp for a couple of evenings at every camping area along the course!

Kuari Pass Journey in Winter, Uttarakhand

Kuari Pass Trip is a difficult journey that beginnings from Kedarnath and closes at Kuari Pass. The course goes through probably the most lovely pieces of Uttarakhand, including the Nanda Devi Public Park and the Gangotri Ice sheet. This walk should likewise be possible in winter, however it isn’t so much for fledglings or unpracticed feet!

Shakti Parikrama This is quite possibly of the most famous trip in India. It is quite possibly of the most famous journey in India as it offers terrific perspectives on snow-covered mountains and ice sheets. It is otherwise called a sacred journey to visit the Kedarnath Sanctuary, a popular sanctuary committed to Master Shiva. This trip takes you through lovely mountain passes and crosses the Gangotri stream, which begins in the Himalayas. The outing can be finished in three or two days relying upon your decision.

Kedarnath Yatra The

Kedarnath Yatra, otherwise called Kedar Parikrama or Kedar Kotha, is a yearly Hindu journey to the Shri Kedarnath Sanctuary, situated at an elevation of 6,500 meters above ocean level in the Rudraprayag region of Uttarakhand. This sanctuary was worked by the sage Bhrigu after he came to realize that Master Shiva was crushed by evil presences and was lying oblivious on his side at that spot. The Kedarnath Yatra endures four days and three evenings and the typical rising during that period is 3000 meters each day.


Frozen Stream Outings in India are an extraordinary method for investigating the Himalayas! We trust this article was useful and assuming you have any inquiries regarding Froze Stream Journeys, kindly get in touch with us.

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