One of the most graphic mountain retreats in Karnataka’s Chikkamagaluru quarter is Kudremukh Trek. It’s a fascinating mining city and hill station that sometimes mesmerises trampers. It’s well- known for having the Kudremukh peak, the alternate-loftiest mountain in Karnataka after Mullayangiri. The city was formerly known as” Samseparvata” because one route there needed passing through the Samse vill. 

Still, Kudremukh is a beautiful place to visit, If you are looking for excitement and adventure in your life. It’s well known for its falls, religious sightseer lodestones , and as a haven for raspberry watchers and trampers likewise. Due to its carpet of exquisite natural beauty, Kudremukh is among the stylish resorts for an indelible holiday


Kudremukh, which in Kannada means” steed face,” is a magnific mountain peak that from one angle resembles a steed face. With a height of,894 measures, it’s one of South India’s most charming locales for mountain suckers. It’s a beautiful retreat where you can enjoy numerous graphic sights and be in admiration of nature’s majesty. It’s fortunate to live in a stunning terrain with green denes  and striking mountain peaks. 

Trippers enjoy being suitable to view the stirring foliage and fauna along the popular trekking routes through the Western Ghats. It’s a must- see for wildlife suckers due to its position within the defined area of Kudremukh National Park. 

Kudremukh Peak Trek Overview 

The Kudremukh Peak, at 1894 metres above ocean position, is a haven for both pedestrians and naturists thanks to its grueling terrain, variety of factory and beast life, and steep trails. 

The view from the peak is stunning because it gives you a view of the shadows and welkin above the Arabian Sea. One of the unique aspects of this trip is the variety of decor it offers along the way, from altitudinous bamboo backwoods and shola timbers to flowing aqueducts and rolling hills. In the green and varied Kudremukh National Park, the peak is located. In addition to the stirring Western Ghats and unearthly decor , Kudremukh offers a variety of journeys through the area’s lush hills. 

Overview of the Kudremukh National Park –

Mountainous Kudremukh National Park is famed for its stirring views. One of the state’s best- saved public premises is the 600- kilometer square area, which was designated a public demesne in 1987. The Kudremukh National Park offers a variety of conditioning, from high rising peaks covered in a wide variety of foliage and fauna to graphic trekking trails overlooking lush champaigns. Part of a tropical wet evergreen timber makes up the alternate- largest wildlife defended area in the Western Ghats region. 

The name of the place is deduced from the indigenous language. The name of the demesne’s altitudinous mountain peak, Kudremukha, which means” steed- face,” 

Detail synopsis of Kalasa and Kudremukh –

Kalasa, also appertained to as the” tabernacle city,” is located in the Chikkamagaluru quarter of the state of Karnataka. Beautiful megacity located along Bhadra River banks. Both fabulous and etymological roots can be set up for the place. Because it’s encircled by rainforest, it’s the perfect place for a flight in the wild. Due to its primarily agricultural frugality, this region is dependent on the River Bhadra for water. The Kalasa land, blessed with exceptional fertility, is true to its name, producing the stylish coffee and other sauces. A Varaha sanctum and a sanctum to Goddess Bhagavathi are also well- known lodestones in Kalasa, both of which are located inside grottoes . 

The Sri Kalaseshwara Temple in Kalasa is devoted to Lord Shiva. 

Lakya Dam, Kudremukh Overview –

It was erected across the Lakya swash, which empties into the Bhadra, and is 100 metres altitudinous. It was erected by the Kudremukh Iron Ore Company as a ground levee to collect waste from their mining operations. 

Due to its steep terrain and undulating gutters, this area is scenically stunning and a great place to go sightseeing. 

Horanadu Travel –

Horanadu, a deified Hindu community in Malnad, Karnataka, is well- known for casing the Annapoorneeshwari Temple. At a height of 2726 bases, this position is girdled by steep terrain and has green paddy fields each around it. 

 Along with its unspoiled natural beauty, Horanadu is well known for its requests for tea, coffee, and spices as well as its huge selection of dry fruits, cashew nuts, and almonds. Then, all of this is available for a lot lower plutocrat than it would in the metropolises. 

 This tabernacle was apparently erected in the eighth century by Maharishi Agasthya. multitudinous pilgrims travel to Horanadu for Navratri. At the Annapoorna Temple, this nine- day festivity honouring Devi Durga is fervently observed. 

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