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With cutting-edge facilities, India is renowned for having the greatest neurology and neurosurgery hospitals. The neurosurgeons employed by these facilities are highly skilled and knowledgeable. In India, there are about 1000 neurosurgeons who have extensive expertise performing difficult neurosurgeries to high success rates and standards throughout the world. Patients may locate the top neurosurgeons in India who can execute a variety of brain surgery at a reasonable cost like tumour. Some highly skilled neurosurgeons in India regularly carry out a variety of neurosurgeries, including those connected to skull base procedures, interventional neuroradiology, paediatrics neurosurgery, etc. In addition to these intricate surgeries, hospitals also provide physical and neurological rehabilitation services.

The field of medicine known as neurology focuses on the investigation and management of neurological problems. The peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system make up the nervous system. A neurologist is a professional who works in the field of neurology. Treatment of conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, etc. is the responsibility of a neurologist.

Brain cancer often develops from inside brain cells or spreads to the brain from other regions of the body. The stage, size, and kind of the tumour, as well as the patient’s age, gender, etc., all have a significant impact on the success rate of brain tumour surgery.

How likely is it that you will survive brain surgery?

The percentage of persons who survive for the next five years after a diagnosis is known as the five-year survival rate. Survival rates often forecast results based on those who have previously experienced the disease, which is unrelated to what will occur afterwards.

For males and women, respectively, the 5-year survival rate for brain tumours is roughly 34% and 36%. The kind of tumour, age, and other variables all have an impact on survival rates. A group of skilled surgeons must perform surgery on a brain tumour to eliminate the tumours. The cost of brain tumour surgery in India ranges from USD 5500 to USD 7500 and takes into account the tumour’s size, nature, and location as well as any necessary testing and the length of time spent in India.

What kinds of brain cancer are there?

The abnormal proliferation of cells within the brain leads to the development of brain tumours. Brain tumours are when there is an abnormal mass or growth in the brain. Not all of them, though, are malignant. It could be benign or cancerous. While malignant tumours spread rapidly, benign tumours are not cancerous. A brain tumour can be classified as primary, secondary, benign, or malignant, much like other tumours.

– Primary brain tumours develop inside the brain and destroy brain tissue.

– In comparison to primary brain tumours, secondary brain tumours are more prevalent. They start in many bodily locations and go to the brain. The typical tumours that can spread to the brain include those in the lung, breast, kidney, and colon.

– Benign brain tumours are easily treatable and non-cancerous. Only when they are creating issues in certain brain regions may they be life-threatening.

– Cancerous malignant brain tumours have the potential to metastasize to nearby healthy tissues.

How frequent are primary brain tumours?

There are several types of brain cells, and primary brain tumours are those that develop as a result of the kind of brain cells. Only 12 persons out of 100,000 are diagnosed with this form of tumour each year. Gliomas are the most prevalent kind of primary brain tumour. However, primary ones include meningiomas, primitive neuroectodermal tumours, and pituitary adenomas. The name of these tumours is derived from the sort of brain cell they start off as.

What are the various brain tumour grades?

The proliferation of malignant cells and their potential to produce symptoms varies across different types of brain tumours. Brain tumours are categorised into distinct classes based on how quickly their cells are proliferating and spreading:

  • Grade I: The tissue is benign and is graded as I. If you pay close attention, the cells seem normal, and the growth is moderate.
  • Grade II: The tissue is cancerous and the cells are not as normal as they first appear to be.
  • Grade III: Anaplastic refers to malignant cells that are actively proliferating. The cells also have the opposite appearance from healthy ones.
  • Grade IV: The aggressively aberrant cells that are growing more quickly in the cancerous tissue.

Who are the experts who treat brain cancer?

Due to the complexity of treating brain tumours, a team of trained, experienced medical professionals with expertise in neuro-oncology is required. Neurosurgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, neurologists, a dietician, and physical therapists make up the team. The greatest neurosurgeons in India have a staff that is knowledgeable about the most recent, cutting-edge technology and methods for treating brain tumours.

India is a top location for receiving cost-effective, high-quality medical care. People travel to India for medical operations from all around the world. The first step in receiving medical care in India is selecting the best hospital. In India, there are several top hospitals for neurosurgery that offer high-quality amenities and treatments at reasonable costs.

When should someone with a brain tumour seek medical attention?

One should visit a doctor as soon as any of the following symptoms appear:

  • unexplained nausea and vomiting
  • double or blurry vision
  • Fatigue
  • increased somnolence
  • beginning of seizures
  • headaches, especially in the morning
  • memory issues
  • speech impediment


The specific aetiologia of brain tumours is still a mystery because the tumour can develop anywhere in the body. Radiation to the head, heredity, HIV infection, smoking, alcohol intake, and environmental contaminants are some of the variables that raise a person’s chance of getting a brain tumour. To live a healthy life, one should protect themselves from such pollutants.

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