Do you feel like your space needs a little freshening up? If so, how about introducing a statement print or a splash of colour with a removable wallpaper? The removable wallpapers have entirely changed the way people decorate their homes, especially for the renters. People living in a rented house often feel disheartened that they cannot decorate their walls the way they want them to be. Not anymore! Skip the permanent additions and go for the easiest, affordable and quickest option to revamp your space.

Think of the peel and stick wallpapers like giant stickers. These wallpapers come with self-adhesive material with a layer of paper that you need to peel off and stick onto the wall you like. You have to pick the place you want to redesign, make sure it is smooth, peel off the back, place it on the surface, and you are done! It is as simple as it seems.

Moreover, these can be used on walls, doors, furniture, stairs, mirrors and any other smooth, conditioned surface. For example, surfaces with a satin finish, eggshell finish, semi-gloss finish and laminate finish are great surfaces to use these wallpapers. Plus, these are vinyl-coated products that use water-based ink to provide you with a high-quality finish, making them a good wall decorating option for areas even with high-moisture like bathrooms, kitchens, etc. 

Here are four fabulous ways to spruce up your space with removable wallpaper.

As an accent wall

There’s no denying that accent walls are making a comeback. Using peel and stick wallpapers can add a fun element to any bare room. If you can’t afford to wallpaper a whole room, doing it on one wall can be a great choice. Or, if you have fallen for a big, bold pattern but think that using it on the whole wall can overwhelm the space, try using it on a specific part of the wall. It will instantly add personality to your room and make it more gorgeous like never before. 

Style your Bathroom

The smaller your bathroom, the less wallpaper you need to transform it into the most elegant water closet you have ever brushed your teeth in. The best thing is that you can try and test bold prints without worrying about wasting loads of time and energy hanging it. So try covering all your bathroom walls with fancy wallpapers and complete the look with towels, trinkets, rugs and see the magic it creates.

As a temporary flooring

Though this one is not so widely used, it does work! The idea is to apply your removable wallpapers to your smooth surfaces like tiles, concrete, laminate, linoleum and seal them with several coats of polyurethane. This is the quickest and easiest way to ramp up your flooring, and luckily if you have done it right, you can enjoy this extraordinary flooring pattern for quite a few years.

Dress up your furniture

Give an instant makeover to your old furniture with wallpapers. Applying peel and stick wallpapers can do wonders for your space. You can try it on your wardrobe, a desk, a bookshelf, a side table or anything similar which has a smooth surface where adhesive can easily stick to. You can also try them on the insides of your kitchen cabinets; it looks fantastic! Removing wall cabinets, installing countertops or even buying new furniture is not feasible for everyone. However, you can always use the removable wallpaper and transform your space with the least effort, time, and money.

So if you haven’t tried these peel and stick wallpapers in your home yet, try it now! Get the wallpapers that appeal to you most, but make sure you choose those that won’t damage the surface beneath. There is no limit to your creativity, and so also to these wallpapers.

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