Australia is a beautiful place to live, but there’s one catch: The pests. The most common pests found are fliers, mosquitoes, mice, bed bugs, etc. They not only create havoc but also frustrate the homeowners. The good news is that affordable pest control services are there to keep your space safe and under control. 

If you have called for affordable pest control services, there are a few things that you must do before they arrive. This will prepare your home for the services. Also, if you have any questions about pest control, it is advised that you ask the team. 

Here Are 3 Things You Must Keep in Mind

  • Keep Your Pets Safe 

The pest control activity involves spraying chemicals to keep insects and other pests away. But, this may be harmful to any pet that lives with you. If not shifted, they might inhale it, which may even result in their death. It is, therefore, better to take preventative measures. 

  • For Cats & Dogs 

They should be relocated to another place for at least a few hours while pest control occurs. It can be a neighbor’s home or any relative’s place, but they should not be at your own home. 

  • For Caged Pets 

Any caged animal or bird should be relocated if possible. If you cannot shift the cage or tank, cover it entirely and shift them away from the rooms where pest control occurs. They have a sensitive respiratory system which can lead to many discomforts. 

Also, cover their food and water as the chemicals may enter it and maybe consumed later. You may consult your vet too. 

Move Everything Around 

Before the exterminators arrive, everything in the open must either be covered or packed in the closets. Anything if kept outside can accumulate the pesticide, which is harmful. Wrap your belongings in plastic or cover them with a cloth that you may not use again. Small things such as toothbrushes, hairbrushes, etc., should also be taken care of. 

Everything in the kitchen should be covered, packed, and kept in the fridge or the cabinets. Nothing should be left out in the open as the pesticides will make it go bad, and if consumed, it can hurt us. Once the process is done, you must wash every cloth that contacts the pesticides for your safety. 

Ensure that your furniture is moved a little so that the pest control examiners can effectively carry out the pest control. If your furniture takes the most space, there are chances that those spaces might be left out, and no one wants that. Make room so that every corner of your house is covered. 

          Inform Your Neighbours 

If you have close neighbors whose house would also be affected due to your pest control, inform them, especially if they have old people, pregnant women, small kids, and/or people with allergies. Stay on the safe side and report them as they must also cover and take care of their surroundings. Also, if you stay close, the pests from your space may leave and create havoc in their space. 

Affordable Pest Control Team!

You must look for the best and affordable pest control services according to the mess that the pests are creating at your home. There are multiple pest services which makes it easy for you to identify the one that fits you. Also, always take care of these three core things if a pest control team comes to your home. 

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