Being a homeowner, you might have witnessed a slowly-clogging drain that becomes noticeable over time. This happens when you overlook the need for regular drain cleaning. When water suddenly stops flowing, it’s time to hire a plumber to clean the drains thoroughly.

But when they are allowed to remain dirty, a more significant issue arises that many people are unaware of. The pipe can potentially harden over time and clog the drain itself. When this occurs, fixing it could cost much more than just clearing the drain. Continue reading to learn why cleaning the drain is so influential and significant.

How Frequently Should Drains Be Cleaned?

It’s advised to have a proper cleaning at least once a year, though every home is unique, and smaller houses require less upkeep than larger houses. Similar to routine auto maintenance, regular cleaning may keep your drains working efficiently and prevent serious obstruction or failure.

These are the top 5 advantages of regular drain cleaning:

Quicker and More Effective Drainage

Your drains will work more quickly as a result of cleaning them, which is the initial and frequently most apparent advantage. Water will flow down in the pipeline and won’t “stand”. Your kitchen drains or other water fixtures will be less likely to overflow. It is especially crucial for toilet drains because keeping them clear will assist in stopping backflow.

Extend the life of the drain and stop leaks

Your drain pipes may corrode if chemical deposits accumulate inside them over time. You can avoid such leaks entirely by getting the pipes cleaned regularly. This increases the lifespan of the existing line, saving you the price and inconvenience of completely renovating your house by replacing all the existing pipes.

Elimination of Bad Smells

Even though bad smells can be related to the toilets, not cleaning any drains can increase bacteria and mold, which can cause bad smells in the home. Remember that mold spores prefer a dark, moist environment, and the home’s drains’ interior is the perfect place. It might not be enough to depend on the continuous water flow to wash these spores away. A deep cleaning will eliminate or wash away mold spores, thus stopping them from growing.

Protect your home from harm

The harm that a leak in a wastewater-full drain can create is far worse than the damage that a clean water line can cause because this water is already contaminated with dangerous bacteria and chemicals. Any walls or flooring coming in contact with this dirty water may become stained, which might also be costly to replace or repair. Preventing this kind of harm is one of the advantages of cleaning up the sewage and the drains.

Stop Clogs Before They Start

Avoiding clogs is the most obvious advantage of routinely cleaning drains. Because of this, you won’t have to deal with the backflow of toilets or clogged sinks.


The key to reaping the rewards of drain cleaning is understanding how to clean the drain pipes effectively. Lye-based home treatments can hurt the pipes and the person treating them. And because they don’t remove buildup from the sides of the pipes but instead flow through them without cleaning the pipe, these chemical treatments aren’t sufficient to clean the pipes in your home.

Calling a professional plumber is the perfect way to clean the system and save yourself from future damage.

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