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It’s not a matter what position you hold, and you may be a blue-collar worker or a high-powered lawyer. There are certain common issues and concerns that men face, and one example is Erectile dysfunction (ED). The ED can affect not only physically but also mentally due to an unknown underlying condition. If your ED symptoms are becoming more frequent, then one most successful treatments for ED is a penal implant. Here is the reason why you may think about getting one:

What is a Penal Implant?

A penile implant is a tiny prosthetic device that is placed surgically inside the penis to help men maintain and achieve an erection at will. Penile implant surgery is suggested only when the other treatments for ED, like medications, have failed to give satisfactory results. There are two types of penal implants, inflatable, and semi-rigid. Semi-rigid penile implants are always firm or partially rigid. So you would keep it bent towards the body when dressed and bend upward for sex.

Semi-rigid penile implants are always ready for sexual activity and have a high satisfaction rate. In inflatable implant devices, you need to inflate in order to create an erection and deflate afterward. This is the popular type of penal implant, and it comes in a two-piece model or three-piece model.

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Reasons to consider a penile implant.

Penile implants give people with irreversible erectile dysfunction a chance to enjoy satisfying and active sex life:

  • High patient satisfaction rate: Penile implant has an average satisfaction rate of over 90%. It is reportedly greater than the satisfactory rate of penile injection therapy and Viagra.
  • Natural-feeling solutions: A penile implant does not affect the way in which a natural erection feels, and it is made to mimic a natural erection.
  • Effective: For most people, drugs are the first choice when dealing with ED. But depending on the root cause (i.e., coronary artery disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, or radiation), they may not achieve the desired effect. Penal implants give a successful long-term solution in which the pills and injection fail.
  • Minimal recovery time: Every man is different, but the average recovery time after a prosthesis implant procedure is four to six weeks. After recovering fully, you can begin enjoying sex once more.
  • Treatment for other issues: Penile implants can also be a treatment for conditions that cause erections to the curve and become painful, like Peyronie’s disease.
  • Ideal solution: The penile implants allow you to have an erection as long as you want and whenever you want. If you ejaculate, you can still maintain your erection until your partner is satisfied.
  • Convenience: Unlike other ED treatments, you can achieve faster results using a penile implant that won’t interfere in intimate moments. You can just achieve an ejection in just 15 seconds, at any time you want it.
  • Virtually invisible: As the penile implant is completely encased within your body, except you, no one will know it. While you may have some discomfort right after the surgery, many men resume their usual activity soon after the procedure. There will be no complications in using or wearing the implant.
  • Ease of use: There is no special technology you need to use to achieve an erection. The implanted pump makes it very easy to operate the device whenever you are ready.
  • Long durability: For most men, penile implants provide reliable results for ten years or longer. The doctors will provide you with the necessary resources to ensure that your implant works effectively and lasts as long as possible.
  • Cost-effective: Penal implants have been the most cost-effective treatment for ED, as once done, they can be useful for nearly ten years.

Be sure to discuss everything with the doctor before having the procedure. Feel free to ask any question you have so that you will fully understand the process involved. It can be anything regarding the surgical procedure or recovery period.

Things to do before penile implant surgery

Your health care provider might recommend you stop taking any anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin, which can increase your risk of bleeding. Ask your healthcare provider when you will be able to go home after the surgery. The surgery may need an overnight stay. Don’t drink and eat anything after midnight before your surgery. Carefully follow the instructions provided by the health care provider.

How does the surgery procedure happen?

The surgery may be performed using general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. Before the surgery, the area is shaved. A catheter is placed to collect urine and intravenous, like for antibiotics or other medications.

The surgeon gives an incision in your lower abdomen, just below the head of your penis or at the base of your penis. Then the tissue in the penis that is filled with blood during an erection is stretched. The two inflatable cylinders are placed inside your penis.

For the two-piece inflatable device, the valve, the saline reservoir, and pump are placed inside the scrotum. In a three-piece device, the pump goes into your scrotum, and the reservoir is inserted inside the abdominal wall. Finally, the surgeon closes the incisions, and the procedure generally takes 45 – 90 minutes.

The cost and recovery

The Penile Implant cost may depend on a variety of factors lie:

  • Where you live.
  • Type of implant.
  • Whether providers are in-network.
  • Your plan’s deductibles and copays.

After surgery, you will be given instructions on how to take care of the surgical site and also how to use the pump. You may need pain relievers for weeks or days. Your surgeon may probably prescribe antibiotics to reduce the chances of the infection. You may be able to return to work within a few days, but it may take some weeks to recover fully. You can be able to resume sexual activity in about four to six weeks.

Bottom line

Penile implants are the most standard treatment for erectile dysfunction. Most men and their partners have reported satisfaction with the device. In fact, penal implants have the highest satisfaction rate of all erectile dysfunction treatments.

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