Advantages of hiring a virtual medical assistant

Most medical experts are extremely busy with their work schedules requiring them to be highly manageable. But, even the most organized person needs help at one time or another to make sure everything is according to planning. It is advantageous for doctors to hire a virtual medical assistant to keep everything organized.

What is a Virtual Medical Assistant?

Simply put, a virtual assistant in the medical field is a remote worker that assists medical professionals with administrative tasks. The assistant can be hired part-time or full-time, relying on needs. Most medical assistants have a background in healthcare, making them an appropriate choice for your practice. Hiring a virtual assistant for your course is an excellent way of raising your workforce if you have a limited budget. With an experienced remote assistant, your in-house team can concentrate on facilitating quality services to your patients.

Benefits of appointing a Virtual Medical Assistant

If your ideal day includes taking care of patients all day and not being knee-deep in administrative work, you need, and Portiva provides a virtual medical assistant. Hiring a virtual medical assistant has several advantages that are:

Decreases operational costs

Virtual medical assistants are the best option for startup facilities searching for a budget-friendly worker. The assistants are appointed hourly, which means they are paid for their working hours. Also, they do not need a space to work, removing office setup costs, including equipment buying. In addition, advantages such as insurance and pension are the responsibility of the virtual assistant, resulting in lesser expenses for your business.

Devoted workforce

Remote workers are greatly capable and a great addition to the human resource of a medical facility. They are highly motivated and emphasize getting tasks done as they are paid hourly. Medical assistants are also flexible in their virtual working hours and often make schedules to complete tasks. Therefore, if you run a busy medical practice, you can appoint an assistant that is available round the clock.

Further, some remote workers are particular in several skills, which may add value to your in-house team. Some proficient tasks they can do include medical transcription, medical invoicing, and insurance pre-certification.

Time Saver

It would help if you had enough time to accomplish their needs for your patients to get your full attention when attending your clinic. A medical assistant takes over the workload and attends to daily tasks permitting you to emphasize your patient’s needs. Assigning tasks to a remote worker also frees up time for your in-house team so that they can concentrate on high-priority duties.

Better-Quality Productivity

When you and in-your-house team have a professional assistant taking care of the day-to-day tasks, it will result in better services. Most virtual medical assistants can manage to work in a high-speed facility and will only route vital calls or jobs. Your team can give better output at work since they emphasize the practice’s core business—further, quality services also raise clients and revenue because of improved productivity.

Enhances Online Reputation

Besides handling clients’ inquiries and data management, virtual medical assistants can also manage your online presence—select assistants talented in digital marketing, especially website and social media management. Working your social media page and website with your virtual assistant will ensure your online clients are always engaged and answer questions quickly. In addition, remote medical employers can utilize their expertise in crises to eliminate conditions online that may hurt your brand name.

Value-Added Client Service

Most patients appreciate outstanding client experience when they step into a medical facility. Hiring assistants make sure that patients enjoy personalized services without feeling rushed. You also concentrate better on the requirements of patients because of the peace of mind that everything is organized and under control. When questions from patients are answered on time, it results in better client engagement. Besides this, you can also benefit from the business transcription service for the ease of your tasks that Portiva provides.  

How do virtual assistants help in business?

One of the virtual medical assistants’ most frequent administrative tasks is scheduling and managing appointments. They effectively control the manual or online system to guarantee customers an excellent customer experience. You are answering calls from clients and other business partners who closely cooperate with you. You can give them a template with FAQs to assist them in responding to patients appropriately placed with FAQs.

  • Managing your inbox entails responding to messages sent to you via email, and social media. A Virtual assistant can also help create a plan for your medical facility’s online marketing virtual assistants.
  • A skilled virtual assistant can manage invoices and billing, one of the most tedious tasks for healthcare professionals.

Ultimately, deciding to appoint a virtual medical assistant initiates with evaluating your needs to find the appropriate fit. We simplify this task when you know what you need and start researching. Portiva is a top-notch firm that provides a wide range of services related to this, and they facilitate experienced assistants that are beneficial for your medical practice.

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