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The National Occupational Safety and Health Examination Board, or NEBOSH, will offer internationally recognized health, safety, environment, and risk management qualifications. NEBOSH furthers your education and makes you exceptional, allowing you to improve your work. Their globally recognized certifications assist you in enhancing your safety, health, and environmental skills. Since 1979, over 400,000 people from all over the world have received a NEBOSH qualification. Those with a NEBOSH certificate are typically hired for health and safety positions. Cosmic Institute of Business & Technology is a silver-level IGC NEBOSH-approved center in Pakistan.

The Nebosh Safety Course is a Diploma course now available in Pakistan as a safety officer course. It is intended to teach skills in the maintenance of safety while performing civil, electrical, and mechanical works. It incorporates the knowledge and skills required to handle any medical emergency that may arise while working on construction sites by providing first aid training. This diploma course is detailed and comprehensive and focuses on the grooming of Safety Officers by including English Language Training.

Who should go for NEBOSH in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the NEBOSH is intended for managers, supervisors, worker representatives, and others who need to understand health and safety principles and practices. At the same time, candidates are likely to be employees of large organizations outside of Pakistan or multinational corporations already working on international standards but must adapt them to meet local needs and practices.

What does the qualification cover?

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) covers health and safety principles such as identifying and controlling workplace hazards and applying this knowledge. The NEBOSH IGC syllabus is based on risk management best practices and international standards, such as the International Labor Organization (ILO) codes of practice.

Local laws and cultural factors may be included in the study program where relevant and appropriate. A practical workplace assessment is also included in the qualification. While the International General Certificate is divided into three units, each of which is evaluated individually:

  • International health and safety management (IGC1)
  • International workplace hazard control (GC2)
  • Practical application of international health and safety standards (GC3)

How to assess this course?

A two-hour written examination assesses each unit for IGC1 and IGC2. As a result, each written test contains ten “short-answer” questions and one “long-answer” question. However, all questions are mandatory, and external examiners appointed by NEBOSH mark the candidate’s scripts. To assess IGC3, one two-hour practical examination is conducted in the candidate’s workplace during unit IGC3.

As a result, the assessment was usually completed within 10 days of the written examination. The NEBOSH evaluates the course provider internally and moderates the practical test externally, and the course includes a requirement to write a short report.

What are the benefits for employers?

A safer workplace: Health and safety are critical. It keeps people safe from harm and death. People with a NEBOSH International General Certificate understand how to assist their employers in avoiding prosecution, litigation, absence costs, and reputational damage wherever they operate.

Assurance: An employer whose employees are NEBOSH qualified is committed to health and safety. As a result, NEBOSH ensures safety, which can assist employers in meeting recognized standards and gaining new business.

Return on investment: A NEBOSH IGC holder has practical skills that add value to the modern global workplace.

As a result of the modular qualification structure and the variety of available course formats, candidates and employers can tailor training to the needs of the business.

How to recognize the qualification?

As a result, International General Certificate holders are granted Associate Membership (AIOSH) in the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). The qualification also meets the academic requirements for IOSH Technical Membership (Tech IOSH) and the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management’s Associate Membership (AIIRSM) (IIRSM). You might also like to read this

The NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety has been accredited and credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). As a result, it is classified as SCQF Level 6 with 15 SCQF credit points in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

The benefit of the Nebosh Safety Course

The Nebosh safety course is one of the best comprehensive training programs for safety professionals, improving their knowledge and skills in occupational health and safety management and risk assessment. Nebosh Certified Professionals are in high demand due to the course’s high quality compared to other international certifications. To develop a hazard-free safe work culture, many companies included a NEBOSH qualification as a significant part of their HSE management policies.

As a result, it is one of the most sought-after courses for safety officers or engineers in India and abroad, with the Gulf countries particularly needing Nebosh Certified Safety Professionals. Safety professionals can also benefit from Nebosh certification in terms of career advancement and salary increases. Any aspiring Safety Professional can quickly find work in India and abroad after completing NEBOSH Courses.


Nebosh in Pakistan is a beneficial course for learning unique skills that helps candidates to enhance their career opportunities in different organizations. However, this course also helps increase students’ chances of moving to the Middle East or Gulf Countries. 

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