In the past decade, Data Scientists have become one of the highly demanding guys in the corporate sector. The popularity of Data Science programs is increasing as its one of the hottest jobs these days because organizations are on the hunt for skilled data science experts and professionals who can easily deal with structured and unstructured forms of data or information.

These modern days, the perfect blend of actionable insights and useful data and technology brings a dynamic change in the growth of the business. Data Science provides robust support to businesses in mining or extraction of data, analytics, NLP, AI, ML, etc.

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Here, you will know the top 4 things to become a good data scientist after a Data Science Course Online:

1. Ensure That You Know Basic Programming With Database Management Skills

Without the use and understanding of programming language, it seems meaningless to use data sets and information. Every Data Science expert or professional must have knowledge of a certain programming language as it helps the data to manipulate and apply various sets of algorithms when needed.

There are many languages used by various data experts like Python, R and Advanced SQL, Scala, C++, etc. With these programming languages, you can easily manipulate data sets in a structured way.

2. You Must Know Mathematics

In tackling various issues related to multiple forms of data, the knowledge of mathematical calculations is needed. This understanding helps the candidates to perform various tasks for the desired output. You will have a strong command of statistics and mathematics to work with raw and structured data sets. You will know geometry, Calculus, Statistics, Linear Algebra and Matrix, vector models, etc.

3. Knowledge of Data Analysis and Visualization

As a record, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes are being used on a large scale and it’s a very big figure in itself. These things help businesses to translate them into a valid format.

Data Scientists used to work on various data visualization aspects with multiple charts and graphs. So, data analysis and visualization are necessary these days. In this series, you should learn various things like:

  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • D3.js
  • Qlikview

4. Check Whether You Have an Understanding of Web Scraping or Not

The data revolves around various platforms of the internet and sometimes needs to be scrapped. This method is used by many organizations when a structured form of data is needed.

It helps them to boost productivity, customer reviews, surveys, etc. organizations of every level from small to large level organizations are practicing this method and using various types of tools and software to make data valid and useful for the organization.

In the execution of web scraping techniques, you must have an understanding of these tools:

  • Scrapy
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Pandas

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