Twitter is the best social media platform to find live news for all around the world, at an instantaneous time. Many people use Twitter all the time to read news about your country, politics, sports and many other things.

A lot of celebrities have profiles on Twitter, like Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo, Snoop Dogg and others. However, you know how to see private Twitter and the tips?

What is the most reliable way to view private way in Twitter?

The most reliable way to see a private account at Twitter is to follow them. But, your request might not be accepted for the other account. If this happens, you can try once again using Google and search about the tweets that have been created all the time.

In the last case, you can create a fake Twitter account. This way is dangerous, because the community of Twitter will not accept and ban you.

Twitter is an app with the purpose to give power and control for the person, the control of the page and who can see the activities in the account. Most of the time, low privacy in one Twitter account is not a good idea.

How to see a private account on Twitter?

First, Twitter’s legacy prohibes anyone other than followers from seeing private tweets from your account. The account needs to send a follow request to the person, because this way is the most efficient way to check other private accounts.

After sending the request, you just have to wait for the other person to accept the request, to view all the activities from the account. If you are not accepted, you can make other requests and ways to view a private account on Twitter.

Use Google Search Cache

If you want to see the cache of private accounts, you can view their tweets by searching the topics at Google, because Chrome allows cached the tweets in images. Google Cache can help the users to reach a better audience, and gain more followers in Twitter accounts.

Is possible to find a tweet by Google Search Cache, just writing the name. Look all the steps you need to do for search a Google Cash in relation to Twitter:

  1. Go at the page of Google;
  2. Type for “Twitter name” in the person you are looking for the last tweets;
  3. Select in the option “Images” to check how profiles and tweets are accessible;

Do a fake account on Twitter

If none of the methods above worked, the next time you need to create a fake account on Twitter to request a follower to other private accounts.

Wait for the answer about Twitter and to increase your chances, make a fake account on Twitter with the name of the friend or person you are searching for.

Creating a fake Twitter account will help you, because it is similar to creating a normal one in this social media. For example, you don’t need a lot of information, just fill in the details and phony to create an account.

Down, look how to create a fake account Twitter in few steps:

  1. Navigate to Twitter using your favorite browser;
  2. Select for the option “Sign up with email or phone number”.
  3. Next, you need to choose one name for a new account. Remember to put a good name, a simple nick to many people who accept your follow request.
  4. Fill in the email. Users are recommended to create a new address, like at Gmail or Proton, because you are creating a fake account on Twitter;
  5. Check all the details and if you are sure about all, fill ‘Next’ to end the process;
  6. Verify the new message on your Email and hit the “Follow” button.

Final considerations

So, for the length of this article, you can view how easy it is to create a private account on Twitter, using Google Cache or just creating this account with a simple name to request to follow the people whose tweets you want to see.

Once you are eligible to see a private account of someone at Twitter, you can check a person’s bio, all the tweets, followers, but you are not able to check posts and media.

On Twitter, when the user protects your account in a private mode, this symbolizes a password-protected account. So, you just see the tweets in a private account with the permission of the user.

Companies and normal person’s can decide to make a password-protect in their tweets to be eligible what person is accepted.

Other facts can happen in a Twitter account during an activity or suspect about being hacked, it might represent more protection for the users in this social media.

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