Creation and organizing of the webinar sessions are one of the most crucial ways to interact with your potential customers & also for making new ones. Doodlefolks

With the rise of remote work, most of the young generation is relying on technology as well as social interaction more than ever. With the help of webinar platforms, this job becomes quite easy & affordable for small and large businesses.

In this blog, we will be highlighting some of the astonishing features of the webinars along with detailing strategic plans for marketing through webinars in 2022.

Webinars are very much different from in-person event platforms which require physical presence to attend the event.

Features of a Webinar in 2022

Webinars are loaded with quality features to engage the audience and use the “engagement” as the key to drive traffic & generate more leads. Here are some of the salient features of a webinar session –

  • Best webinar platforms tend to support customers through each step of the sales process in a more personalized, customize, and low-pressure- way. It also provides its customers a sufficient amount of time to manage & ask questions along the way.
  • Webinars cost you around $10- $3000, totally depending on your budget. You can easily select the feature you want in your webinar event thus making it more versatile than any other virtual event.
  • Webinars are important for the product onboarding and education process
  • Webinars are fully customizable platforms that offer polling activities, real-time feedback opportunities, questionnaires, data insights, and much more.

How to Start Webinar?

Webinars are sort of a high stake game now more than ever. To start a webinar you have to put many things in one place.

Here are a few factors which should be kept in mind before making any strategic plan to host your webinar session –

Choosing the Desired Topic

This is the basic step which is involved in this process. Without the selection of a specific topic, no webinar can exist.

Just ensure to select the topic in which you have any expertise or any guest speaker available to host your event. Let’s say, if you talking with someone belonging to an HR background, you can have a nice talk about strategies for employee engagement and much more.

Picking your Webinar Software

There are many interactive webinar platforms available in the market but only a few ones thus meet up to your expectations of yours. You should pick your webinar tool that is budget-friendly, feature-rich & above all exactly meets your requirements.

Creation of the Landing Page

After choosing your preferred webinar tool for the event, with the help of online webinar platforms, you can create your registration pages which will provide data statics of your audience.

Keep in mind that the landing pages is representing your event so don’t forget to mention important highlights of your session along with some details of yourself as a host.

Selection of the Webinar Format

You should know how to present your webinar in front of your target audience. This is the best way to structure your webinar as per the requirements. Make sure that your format suits your webinar goals & objectives.

Basically with the help of online webinar services you can select your format from the available categories like – Interviews, products, etc.

Content Making

This is a very crucial part of the strategy-making process to host your successful event. You can decide which one – video slide or ppt presentation you are willing to go with.

It should be noted that regardless of the format you are going with your content should be highly engaging for conducting webinars online successfully.

Webinar Marketing Strategy in 2022

Some of the popular webinar marketing strategies have been defined as follows –

Humanize your Company/Brand

  • When we see any type of social media post or read any company’s brochure it is very easy to forget that there is any human behind all of them.

But this whole scenario changes when to hear your voice or are able to see your face directly. With the help of live webinar software customers are able to think of your brand or services just when think of the topic.

Becoming a Thought Leader

  • Sharing your knowledge as well as your expertise in a webinar session is an easy way to establish yourself as an industry expert.
  • You got a chance to build your credibility as you prove your specific subject knowledge as well as the value it can offer.

Prove the Value of your Service

  • Webinar services are not a sales pitch after all. If your session is engaging you did not get the liability to sell your product.
  • As per the recent trends, those sessions have ended without any brand promotion however supporting some brands results in an increased generation of leads & growth.


Webinars are being frequently used in many industries & fields .they are convenient for the organizers, attendees as well as keynote speakers as a whole. That is the only reason they are being called important industry marketing tools.

With most popular webinar platforms things have gone quite easy in taking the follow-ups and thus ultimately converting your viewers into your potential audience.

They provide you with a range of content that increases the chances of audience engagement & revisiting your web page, remembering your personality, and thus attending your next sessions as well.

Webinar services are booming the marketing industry. Now, it’s totally up to you what are your preferences as a business,

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