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Shoes are essential for our outfit, that is the last thing that we add to our outfit but the first thing to notice. Have you ever been confused about what kind of shoes should you buy for your little one? We want to give our best for the kids, be it anything. But while considering the right kind of shoes we might not be aware of how what, and when to choose. If that’s the case then you may like to stop and read.

We all know how important shoes are for our feet. It not only protects our feet from harmful elements but also gives us a soft and smooth feel. It provides a sufficient amount of comfort and support that is needed to walk for a longer time. When you have uncomfortable shoes you often get cramps and shoe bites which can hamper your walking ability and speed.

But when it comes to kids we need to be more careful and alert about what can be bought, so that it does not hurt their cute little feet. Now you can buy some huge brands of kid’s shoes online with Macy’s New Year Sale 2023 and get amazing discounts and offers.

Things to consider while buying kid’s shoes:

While shopping for the kids there are very basic things that we need to keep in mind. It can be a bit challenging to find high-quality shoes for kids. But it’s also true that expensive shoes are not always the best pair. So keeping this in mind we need to look for the comfort and functionality of the shoes.

  • Comfort: It is quite an essential thing to consider. Comfortable shoes make the kids walk and run around comfortably making physical activity fun.
  • Functionality: Another important aspect to keep in mind is whether it’s fulfilling the functionality of the feet. What purpose does the shoe serve? Running shoes is best for running and jumping.
  • Flexibility: when it comes to flexibility we need to know if the shoes have enough space for movement on the feet. It should be too loose or tight.
  • Movement: There is this special need for the movement of feet that aligns with the right posture and support of the leg.
  • Breathable: it is important for a physically active child to wear shoes where air can pass easily that don’t smell bad or infect the feel of the child.
  • Larger and spacious: there should be enough room for the child’s toe to wiggle freely, which will give them the necessary space that needs for forming the shape

Component of shoes:

There is a long list of shoes but these are the main parts that need to be considered when choosing a pair of shoes for your kids.

 On Top:

The top of your shoe also includes the quarter, which covers the sides and back of your foot, and the tongue, which is very important.

It may appear to be that pesky piece you have to pull up each time you put on your shoe, but it actually protects the top of your foot and keeps the laces from rubbing.

At heels:

This section of your shoe begins with the collar, where you insert your foot.

It should be cushioned to keep your foot comfortable from the moment you put your shoes on.

There’s also collar foam, which cushions your heel and ankle, and collar lining, which conceals the seams in the back of your shoe while improving comfort.


The most important part of shoes is the bottom. As it plays a huge role in comfort.

The sole and Strobel are what sit beneath your foot, with the sole of the shoe made up of three separate parts:

The midsole and outsoles sit beneath the Strobel, creating a neat stack of cushioning that varies in thickness depending on the type of shoe you’re wearing.

This part of your sneaker will also vary in flexibility depending on the type of exercise you’re doing.

Types of shoes for kids

There are a few things that we need to keep in mind while buying shoes for the kid. Among many things, shoes that fit well are the best for a kid. which is very much needed for their growing feet and which is also easily manageable. Such as shoes with velcro or slip-on etc

Sneaker: sneakers are a single flap that hooks easily onto the kid-size disc that can be used for tightening and loosening to secure the shoes so that your kid can move freely.

Winter boots: winter boots are used for protecting the little ones from cold and moisture. While buying a winter boot we need to keep in mind that it should be durable

Sandals: Sandals are casual slippers that are designed to ease the foot from covering, ideal for summer, where sweating is very common. Slip-Ons: easy-to-wear shoes where there are no laces and velcros needed to hook the shoe. It allows the kids to dress themselves.
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