Best tips to View Instagram Profile Pictures

Although you can see WhatsApp pictures in full-length, however, there isn’t a similar option on Instagram. Instagram lets you look at the profile photos in the form of a small square.

Being able to see the person’s DP in a tiny device isn’t just difficult, but it’s also impossible. However, we can solve your issue here. There are many tools on the market that can serve this purpose. This article will discuss some of them.

How do I view Instagram profile photo on a computer

Looking through Instagram profile photo on your desktop is simpler than using your phone. Take these simple steps:

  1. Start the browser, and then log into Instagram. Instagram app.
  2. Visit their profile page for the user you would like to download the file from.
  3. Click on the profile picture and then click ‘open new tab’
  4. New tabs will display the profile images in their full size, and are also available for download.

How to view Instagram profile photo using Android and iOS


Instagram De can be described as a site that doesn’t require downloading or taking up any of the unusual space. It is also a plus that you don’t have to install the Instagram app . It works for you perfectly. If you don’t have an Instagram account.Just having the right username is enough to get you started. Enter the username into the web interface and in some time, you’ll be shown. With a large Instagram DP of your desired profile.


It is yet another website on the internet that permits users to input your username for the Instagram profile you would like to download and experience the full-sized photos of the profile.

It is also able to be utilized for downloading additional Insta-related content , including pictures, videos stories, IGTV and many more. Get to know about attitude names for instagram for boy


Instagrammies is an application which allows you to remain completely anonymous to browse Instagram profiles of your favourite celeb or your crush , without having to know. It is compatible with users of both Android and iOS users.

Will the user be able to tell whether we download or see their profile photo?

One of the main worries and questions that a lot of customers ask is whether they can remain anonymous or able to download their profile photos from an account that is private. It is my pleasure to inform you and tell you that yes! Your identity will be kept private and you are able to download pictures using Your private profile.

How do I download my profile images?

Sometimes, you erase all your photos from your phone, including your most loved profile photo. You have made sure you’ve updated your Instagram profile photos. The only place left to see your profile picture is Instagram.

You can download images of your profile using the above tools. You can view your profile photos and to upload them to your picture gallery.

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Do we have the ability to download additional Content from Instagram

Although Instagram was initially a photo-sharing application, later it added short-form and long-form video content to the platform. It is true that Instagram doesn’t offer an option for downloading the content, but you can download it making use of third-party applications that are completely free.

Third-party apps give you the possibility to see images of your profile and download images from Instagram with no privacy issues. The majority of them can be used with or without. You can even create an Instagram account buy followers.


Make sure you do your research prior to downloading any third-party app. They are likely to contain malware-laden links that could cause damage to your phone’s data.

Third-party apps may secretly record your location, and then send it to various companies for allegedly carrying out illegal actions. Don’t press “OK” without studying the information in the pop-up.

Be sure to have enough memory on your smartphone to download images. In case you do not have sufficient memory then neither app nor online tool can assist you download the profile pictures in your gallery of pictures.


You may have seen that checking your profile photos on Instagram. It’s not so difficult as you believed it to be. Follow the steps above to see your profile photos and download the pictures.

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