When you don’t take proper care of your teeth, cavities attack them and distort your perfect smile. Cavities are small holes in your teeth that weaken your teeth’s crown and can even cause a missing tooth if left unattended.

Dentists often advise that if you feel the slightest sensitivity or pain in your tooth, you should consult a dentist in Chandler, AZ.

How Do Cavities Form?

Cavities are the result of prolonged inadequate dental hygiene and unhealthy eating habits. The bacteria stick to your teeth when you eat, forming a sticky, slick layer called plaque. The bacteria in the plaque penetrates through the protective layer of enamel, which covers teeth. When the enamel is damaged, caries starts damaging the crown. At first, cavities are not visible to the naked eye, but you can feel the pain and sensitivity. Over time, the holes become visible, and you can see a black      coating on your teeth.

What is The Cure for Common Cavities?

If you feel any pain or discomfort in your mouth, it is advised to take the professional advice from a dentist near you in Chandler, AZ. If you have minor cavities, the dentist will not prescribe any procedure, as these cavities can be cured at home.

Non-Sugary Gums

Chewing gums is helpful for your teeth. The saliva that is produced during chewing gum gets rid of plaque and protects teeth. Gums also contain xylitol, casein phosphopeptide, and amorphous calcium phosphate, which help counter harmful bacteria.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is an effective remedy against cavities. It is also used as an active ingredient in some toothpaste. In addition, it contains glycyrrhizin which helps combat cavities and other tooth-related concerns.

Vitamin D

Studies have revealed that a lack of Vitamin D causes cavities. Thus, you are advised to eat food rich in Vitamin D. The list of such food items is:

  • Fish
  • Fatty meat
  • Beef liver
  • Mushrooms
  • Egg yolks
  • Orange juice
  • Almonds

Sunlight is also a great source of Vitamin D. Eating these food items will help you against cavities.


Fluoride is a common ingredient in almost every toothpaste and is very effective against tooth decay. It naturally strengthens the enamel of teeth and helps them resist the acidic action of bacteria. Therefore, you are advised to buy toothpaste that contains fluoride. Also, your teeth are protected if you live in an area with enough fluoride in water.

These activities will help you minimize the damage by cavities. If you have cavities, it’s time to take your dental health seriously.

How To Protect Your Teeth Against Cavities?

There are several ways in which you can protect your teeth against cavities.

Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

Everyone brushes their teeth in the morning, but what about the night? The food remnants get stuck between your teeth, and the harmful bacteria attack if you go to bed without brushing.

Don’t Overbrush

Some people believe that if they brush every time they eat, cavities will never attack them. But it couldn’t be more wrong. If you overbrush, the enamel slowly wears out. It’s not healthy for your teeth.

Regular Flossing

Flossing is a simple way to eliminate the lodged food between your teeth. Floss after your meals, and it will help prevent tartar.

Stay Away from Sugary Drinks

Sugar drinks and food items are the most dangerous for your teeth. Sugary drinks are sticky, and they build up plaque quickly. Also, saliva finds it hard to remove sugary particles. Thus, brushing your teeth every time you eat sweets is advised. Don’t rush to the bathroom right after eating. Always brush your teeth half an hour before or after you brush your teeth.

Stay Away from Sticky Foods

Sticky foods like jelly beans, caramel, sweet gums etc., are harmful as they lodge between your teeth. And it won’t come out even with water rinsing. So, eat them in moderation.

Stay Away from Alcohol and Smoking

Smoking doesn’t cause cavities, but it harms your teeth. Alcohol contains sugar and should be avoided if you want cavity-free teeth.

Don’t Keep Eating

Frequent eating also causes cavities. The constant layer of plaque due to frequent snacking increases the acidic reaction and leads to cavities.


Cavities are irreversible, and you may need a professional dentist in Chandler, AZ, as soon as possible. But if you are in the early stages, try the cures mentioned above to prevent cavities. Also, switch to healthy habits, and cavities will stay away. For more information, book an appointment with a professional dentist in Chandler, AZ right away.

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