A buyer is frequently perplexed about which floor is best for their home. Because of their growing populations and a lack of available housing space, most Pakistani cities are expanding vertically. As a result, Pakistani real estate companies are developing high-rise apartments in both premium and budget-friendly categories in order to reach a diverse range of property investors from various income brackets.
Rushing the decision on which floor to settle on is never a good idea, regardless of whether you can increase your rental yield, provide higher returns, pay less upfront, and much more tend to live in the apartment or will soon resell it.

Factors to Consider While Choosing High-Rise Apartments

Here are some important factors to consider when looking for high-rise apartments to rent or buy.

  • Perspective
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Safety
  • Lighting and ventilation
  • Rental Income
  • Noise
  • Apartment Cost
  • Water Seepage
  • Accessibility


From their windows and balconies, high-rise apartments always have the best views. However, the selection is based on the apartment building’s location. High-rise apartments typically offer a better view.
However, whether you choose a view of the street or a park around the building on the lower levels, there isn’t much to look at in terms of the expanding skyline that the higher floors provide. Higher-floor apartments are ideal if you value beautiful scenery.

Privacy Concerns

Ground floors are typically less secure than higher-level apartments, and this is due to their ease of access. When choosing a higher floor apartment in any building, privacy is frequently a motivating factor.
In terms of foot traffic and public transportation noise, the upper floors of high-rise buildings are relatively quiet. Taller buildings will have fewer people peering into your apartment from nearby buildings, allowing you to sit on your terrace in complete privacy.


Ground-floor apartments are more vulnerable to intrusion and robbery. However, whether your building has strict security and 24-hour surveillance is also a consideration.
It may be difficult to determine which level to purchase an apartment on, but the investment should never be made at the expense of your family’s safety and security. Even if you find a fantastic deal, avoid purchasing any of the cheapest apartments unless the complex is extremely safe and well-monitored.
Lower levels are frequently a security risk and are more vulnerable to break-ins and thefts.

Light and Airflow:

People who live on higher floors benefit from more natural light and air because sunlight is not blocked. If you want lots of natural light and a gentle breeze, consider living on the top floors of a high-rise building.
Lower floors don’t get as lighter and air, especially in densely populated cities. In addition, houseflies and mosquitoes are less likely to infiltrate the upper floors.


Even though there are numerous advantages to purchasing a high-rise apartment, it may not be a good idea to invest in a lower-floor apartment, especially if the residential tower is located in a congested area of the city.
Because sound travels up, people on the first, second, or third floor may have to deal with noise from the streets below.

Price of the Apartment:

There are some advantages to living in a higher apartment, but one of them is usually not better value for money. Apartments on higher floors are generally more expensive, and penthouses are the most expensive apartments in most residential complexes.
In a country like Pakistan, where summers are hot and humid, an apartment on the top floor will raise your electricity bills because you will require air conditioning.

Because of the constant need for air conditioning, higher floors almost always cost more than lower floors. Furthermore, the top floors are frequently converted into penthouses, making them the most expensive option. So, if you want less expensive alternatives that won’t break the bank, look on the lower floors.

Water Seepage:

The majority of drainage issues and water seepage occur on the top and ground floors, and this can become a recurring issue for residents, but it also depends on how well the developers set up the drainage system.

Ease of Access:

Most people prefer to live on the first floor because it is more convenient. Despite the fact that most apartment buildings have multiple fast elevators and backup power, there are numerous factors to consider.
During rush hour, the elevators may be crowded, especially if the building only has a few. In addition, if the backup power fails, climbing the stairs to higher floors will be difficult.
If someone in your family is disabled, they cannot use the stairs, and there may not be enough room in the elevator during peak times.

Other Factors:

Because of Pakistan’s hot and humid climate, many people prefer to live on the ground floor. You would have to use more electricity to keep cool if you lived on a higher floor.
People prefer to live on the ground floor, which is the most similar to a house, because apartment buildings have increased in Pakistan in recent years.

People in this country tend to live with their families, so the presence of elderly or disabled family members or children should be considered.

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