In his comedy videos, Arnaldo Mangini resembles Rowan Atkinson’s character in the British sitcom Mr. Bean. His account has gained 19 million followers and 122 million likes. As of 2022, he is 48 years old.

The Italian comedian and social media skit maker Arnaldo Mangini rose to fame as a Mr. Bean impersonator.

He appears as Fabiola Bagliari with a ‘daughter’ resembling Mr. Bean.

Since becoming famous, he has been compared to the original Mr. Bean by many people.

In his performance, Mangini captures the spirit of the original Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson. 

The new Mr. Bean videos have been a hit on social media, and Mangini is quickly becoming a household name.

A new ‘Mr. Bean’s impersonation has gained wide popularity. Bean and his sidekick, Fabiola Fabliglieri, have gained a large following on social media. 

Arnaldo Mangini is an Italian content creator, actor, and media personality who found success by impersonating Mr. Bean. 

The life form of a popular TV series character has been used to sell content by the man who was born on December 4, 1973. The fan base for the original role was large and it was played by Rowan Atkinson.

The character was revived by an Italian comedian, Arnaldo.

Like his lookalike, Rowan Atkinson, who was born in Consett, Durham County in England on January 6, 1955, Arnaldo is also a successful comedian.

Arnaldo Mangini Professional Career

After starting his career in 1996, Arnaldo gained popularity and fame through his social media content. He and members of his family were reportedly involved in the business from Mangini’s early age.

Arnaldo appeared on TV shows and did clowning in that period but decided to concentrate on comedy instead.


  • Arnaldo Mangini was born in Italy. 
  • His birth sign is Sagittarius. 
  • Arnaldo is known for his selfies and comedy videos on his arnaldomangini Instagram page.
  • Mangini has amassed 750,000 followers on his Instagram page.

Mangini’s career began when he started impersonating a character from a 90s sitcom. The character was played by an actor who shares Mangini’s likeness.

Even though he is now a celebrated social media content creator, he still has a close resemblance to Rowan which made him famous.

One of his most recognized early works was his role in the theatre production of “The Arnaldo Mangini Mr. Bean Lookalike Show.” 

He didn’t just start linking his comedy roles to the character of Mr. Bean today.

Arnaldo Mangini is Different

While Rowan Atkinson first presented for BBC Radio 3 in 1979. two decades before Arnoldo Mangini surfaced on the scene, the two Mr. Beans share a close resemblance and character. Moreso, by the time Mangini hit the social media bubble with a popular skit, Atkinson was already a household name.

Marital Status of Arnaldo Mangini

At 48 years old, he has not revealed any details about his love life. He introduces his daughter as a character in many of their skits. It is not clear if he had a partner from a previous relationship or if he was married to her mother. It is unknown who his spouse is at the moment.

Arnaldo Mangini Daughter

His ‘daughter’, Fabiola, is well known to their followers as they mostly appear together acting as a father-daughter duo. Fabiola who goes by the surname of Bagliari does not share the same surname as her ‘father’. Moreso, Fabiola has a younger brother named Federico Baglieri whom he portrays in his skit.

Rowan Atkinson Daughter

Fabiola, who often collaborates with Arnaldo, has made many people think she is the real Mr. Bean due to her close resemblance to Rowan Atkinson. However, she has clarified that she is not Atkinson’s biological daughter. Atkinson has two known children from his previous marriage to Sunetra Sastry.

More About Arnaldo Mangini’s Daughter

People have been mistaking these two comedians for being family because of their uncanny resemblance to the famous Mr. Bean character.

The truth is that they are not related in any way. On September 8, 2021, the comedian introduced him on his social media accounts.

She is stunningly beautiful. They may be just two allies according to a lot of speculations. Are you looking for some laughter? Arnaldo Mangini is your man, he is your man.

Arnaldo Mangini Book

Il Potere Del Sorriso, which translates to “The Power of Smiles,” is a book written by the comedian. Even though the book is written in Italian. It has been translated into many other languages so that more people can enjoy it.

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