Serviced flats provide visitors with the opportunity to live as a local. It is an excellent value for your travel-related leisure time. You will receive a personalised accommodation that exceeds your expectations due to its improved room and comfort.

Numerous advantages of living in serviced apartments

Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, alone, in a group, or with your family, staying in a serviced apartment can provide a lot of advantages, including the following:


Your stay in Service Apartments Delhi will provide the space you need to work, cook, relax, and sleep, and on average, you can expect to enjoy thirty percent more space than you would in a comparable standard hotel room. The typical one-bedroom service apartment is roughly the same price as a basic hotel room despite being approximately twice as large as a standard hotel room.

Savings and Value for Extended Stays

A serviced apartment is typically 20% less expensive than a comparable hotel room of the same class. There are no additional fees for unmentioned amenities (mini-bars, room service, etc.). Moreover, as the VAT is lowered to 4% for stays of 28 nights or longer, lengthier stays might result in extra cost savings. To accommodate the needs of corporate clients, many service providers can accept bookings for extended periods of time, even if the bookings are only required Monday through Friday. This can lead to increased cost savings.


You are free to enter and exit the premises at any time, allowing you to schedule your activities according to your own preferences. Because the apartment’s utilities are always available, you can cook whenever you choose, work whenever it is required to work, and utilise the additional room to welcome visitors or conduct business meetings whenever it is practical to do so within the limits of your personal space. Apartments with numerous bathrooms and bedrooms that branch out from a central living area are common. This configuration is ideal for families, groups of coworkers, and other types of travelling groups.

Kitchen and laundry facilities are available.

If you have dietary restrictions, having access to a kitchen is great since it enables you to self-cater, which is both convenient and economical. Serviced apartments provide shared laundry facilities as a bare minimum, but the most majority also have their own washers and dryers, providing occupants the option to do their own laundry if they so want. Convenient and cost-effective!

Available are Additional Amenities and Services.

If you value amenities such as a gym, pool, concierge, restaurants, and bars throughout your stay, many serviced homes offer these and more. In fact, serviced properties frequently offer comparable amenities to hotels. Alternative lodging options, such as Service Apartments Gurgaon, are an excellent option.

Extra Services Available

In addition to offering shopping services and the option to pre-select things for delivery, a number of lodging businesses offer their guests the chance to purchase personalised gift baskets or welcome packs in advance of their arrival. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the pricey mini bar in your room because you can buy and store any food and drinks you desire.


Do not reject apartments based on the fact that they are plain box rooms. There is a variety of apartments available, ranging from more inexpensive to more luxurious ones, each with luxurious interiors and high-quality furniture. The apartments have a fully-equipped kitchen as well as high-quality bed linens, towels, and bathroom essentials. Sky TV is included in entertainment bundles offered by a number of providers.

Free Wi-Fi

In contrast to hotels and other similar lodgings, Service Apartments Noida providers provide complimentary Internet access to their visitors as a standard facility.

Simple to Book In addition to making their units available through third-party online booking brokers, providers provide their customers their very own online booking options.


In general, Service Apartments in South Delhioffer their inhabitants greater privacy. Apartments allow you to bypass formalities, and in many cases you can simply let yourself in and begin making your apartment a home immediately. The fact that your apartment may be kept clean despite a reduced cleaning service enables you to maintain your privacy without being continuously disturbed.

Serviced apartments are autonomous, private accommodations that include all necessary conveniences. You will also find that they have around-the-clock surveillance via closed-circuit television, keyless entry systems, and frequently security professionals on duty around the clock.

Your temporary domicile

In hotels or guesthouses, you won’t have the feeling of being at home, but you will when you stay in serviced apartments. These apartments offer the ideal blend of space, flexibility, and room for both vacationers and business travellers.

The ASAP operator members that provide serviced apartments can participate in the Quality Accreditation Programme, which assures their compliance with legal, health and safety, and best-practice criteria.

They are governed

Vacation Rentals in Delhiare governed Members of ASAP who offer serviced apartments are eligible to participate in the Quality Accreditation Programme. Consequently, you can preserve your self-assurance!

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