If your partner snores regularly, you may wonder how to stop snoring. You are not alone. Adults over the age of thirty snore regularly. Snoring is a sound resulting from air passing via the airway when it is usually blocked. Tissues present at the top of the airways touch each other and vibrate; it makes a snoring sound. 

Here are the top 10 remedies which may be a snoring solution for your partner.

1. Wear palatal implants

It is also known as the pillar procedure. This surgery is made to stop/reduce snoring and also to improve OSA. During the process, small implants are inserted in the soft plates to reduce the tissue vibrations. 

These implants are designed to stiffen the soft palate and help your partner to stop snoring. If your partner has mild to moderate sleep apnea, then you can opt for this snoring solution. Remember that it is not recommended for people who are overweight or who have severe sleep apnea.

2. Use oral appliances

These are customized devices that are prescribed and fitted by dentists. It helps to increase the size of the upper airway during sleep, which helps to decrease snoring.

The below mechanism is best for making oral appliances the best solutions for snoring

· Retracting the tongue

· Changing the position of the soft palate

· Advancing lower jaw

3. Use CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine for OSA

This is a standard treatment for OSA. Your partner must wear a CPAP mask over the nose, mouth, or both while sleeping. The machine helps to keep the airways open. Various masks are available in the market and are very comfortable for people who breathe via their mouth during sleep or wear glasses. You can choose one as per the habits of your partner.

4. Correct anatomical structural problems in the nose

Some of us are born with an injury that results in a deviated septum. It is the misalignment of the wall that separates both sides of your partner’s nose and restricts the airflow.

During sleep, a deviated septum may cause mouth breathing and result in snoring. Sometimes it is also necessary to get the surgery done, known as septoplasty, to correct the condition.

5. Treatment of chronic allergies

Allergies can decrease the airflow via the nose, which requires breathing via your mouth. It increases the chances of snoring. Your partner should see a doctor to know what kind of OTC (over-the-counter) or prescription allergy medication can help to improve the condition. These are available in different forms, like pills, liquids, and nasal sprays.

Options for these include

· Leukotriene modifiers like zileuton (Zyflo) or mo

· Oral decongestants like phenylephrine (Sudafed PF) and pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) for snort terms use only.

· Sedating antihistamines like diphenhydramine.

Asonor has developed a range of snoring solutions that are medically tested and clinically proven to reduce snoring.

6. Maintain moderate weight

If your partner is overweight, weight loss can help reduce excessive tissue in the throat. Most of the time, excessive tissues can cause snoring. There are several ways to do that. Reduced calorie intake, nutrition-rich food consumption, and regular exercise are helpful. If they have excessive body fat, consult with a health expert.

7. Quit smoking

Smoking can worsen snoring issues as smoke can increase the risk of OSA or worsen the condition.  If your partner smokes and needs solutions for snoring, you should consult with a doctor about therapies like patches or gum, which can help to quit smoking.

8. Avoid/limit consumption of alcohol before bed

It is recommended not to consume alcohol before three hours of bedtime as it relaxes throat muscles and is a significant cause of snoring. 

9. Do not take sedatives before bed

If your partner takes a sedative before bed, you should reach out to a doctor to see what can be an alternative to it. Not taking sedatives before bed can ease snoring.

For example – Alcohol sedatives can relax muscles which can result in snoring.  

10. Get enough sleep

Always make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep deprivation can cause a risk of snoring because it can cause the throat muscles to relax and make you more susceptible to airway obstruction. Snoring can also result in sleep deprivation as it leads to interrupted sleep.

Wrap Up

These are some practical solutions for snoring that you can apply to your partner. These snoring solutions are simple and effective and do not need much effort. You can get a night of better sleep with a few simple steps. 

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