What Documents Are Required For A New Passport

Driving a vehicle requires having a driver’s permit. Except for Nepal, numerous different nations require identification for movement. Indeed, an identification qualifies as a traveler’s permit since it empowers travel to a few far-off nations while keeping up with public safety. So here is the data you should know about whenever somebody applies for an identification.

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Here is a rundown of the supporting documentation that you should give while applying to an Indian identification.

What Is A Passport Used For? What Does The Passport Seva Project Entail And What Is It?


Because of purposes behind preparing, love, business, trade, clinical treatment, or family travel, ID is a need. Of late, there has been a sharp extension well known for visas and related utilization as a result of the creating economy and the spread of globalization. To satisfy this creating need, the Help of Outside Endeavors (MEA) shipped off the Distinguishing proof Seva Assignment (PSP) in May 2010.


Visa Seva improves on it, quick, and strong to get worldwide IDs and other related organizations. This program makes a cross-country association of related conditions for government workers, and it moreover works with India Post to distribute travel papers and the State Police to take a gander at people’s capabilities, as a matter of fact.

What Records Must a New Applicant Submit to Get an Indian Passport?

While applying for identification in India, the candidate should introduce some desk work. The accompanying reports should be submitted to refresh, get another identification for a high schooler, recharge, or reissue a visa inside the country.


  1. Address Confirmation

A modest bunch of the underneath recorded reports, which are vital for another visa, might be utilized as an address checks.


  • Gas Association Confirmation, Water Bill, Telephone (landline/postpaid versatile bill), Aadhaar Card
  • Lease Understanding Power Bills
  • Passbook from a functioning save money with an image. This is all open to Provincial Rustic Banks, Planned Public Area Banks, and Booked Private Area Indian Bank.
  • a duplicate of your life partner’s identification (the beginning and end pages should contain family data along with the individual’s name as the mate of the visa holder.) It is disclosed on the off chance that the candidate’s current location and the companion’s identification have comparable addresses.


It is urgent to remember that regardless of whether somebody has as of late lived there, they are as yet expected to give evidence of their current home. Thusly, candidates should list every one of their past tends to on the Identification enrollment structure for the previous year (beginning from the date of use). Furthermore, just records that incorporate the specific location will be acknowledged.


  1. Verification of Birthdate

You can demonstrate your date of birth while mentioning another identification by utilizing a portion of the records recorded underneath that are required for visa confirmation.

A birth endorsement might be gotten from the Birth and Passings Enlistment center or might be made by the District or one more perceived substance.

  • An endorsement given by the latest school visited is perceived by the instructive board. E-Aadhaar/Aadhaar Card Moving/Registering/Leaving School.
  • A driver’s permit has probably been granted by the state’s Vehicle Office.
  • A Dish Card is given by the Branch of IT.
  • An elector ID, frequently known as a political race photograph personality card, would have been made accessible by the Indian Political race Commission (EPIC).
  • A disaster protection strategy under the candidate’s name


All relevant papers filled in as birth documentation should bear the candidate’s name and date of birth. This is particularly valid for records like Aadhaar Cards, Political race Cards, Dish Cards, and others that don’t as expected mirror the Date of Birth.


The number of reports that are required for identification is a typical issue or secret for individuals. For your benefit, we’ve recorded the aggregate sum of papers required for a visa confirmation above.

Documents Required For A Fresh Passport For A Minor’s Passport

  1. Except if generally determined, the assent of the two guardians is thought to be available.
  2. At the point when a minor applies, late verification of address in the parent’s approval should be given (s).
  3. On the off chance that the guardians hold a visa, they ought to visit Identification Seva Kendra with both the first and self-ensured duplicates (PSK).
  4. Guardians of up-and-comers who are underage can look at their records.
  5. On the off chance that the minor candidate is younger than 18, they might apply for a non-ECR.


Proof of Address 

  • Documentation of Birth
  • The last recognized instructive power gives an exchange, school leaving, or registration testament.
  • Public Disaster protection Partnerships/Organizations The Shelter/Youngster Care Home’s Chief issues a statement Strategy Securities gave
  • ID card, Aadhaar


Proof of your age 

  • the parent’s ongoing location, duplicated
  • The working financial balance of the guardians’ photo passbook
  • A water or power bill
  • an assertion for a landline or postpaid cell phone with an Aadhaar card
  • The rent with the guardians
  • Both the first and self-authenticated duplicates of the parent’s visa, assuming they have one.


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Stamping Passports With ECR Or ECNR 

Travel papers requiring a “Resettlement Check” will have the expression “ECR Required” stepped on them. No stamps will be applied to travel papers that needn’t bother with a resettlement check.


Resettlement Check Required is curtailed ECR, while Migration Check Not Needed is abridged ECNR. Any application bearing an ECR required stamp requires the Defender General of Wanderers, Service of Abroad India Undertakings, to give a “Resettlement Freedom Declaration.”

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