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Imagine a local bike shop doing SEO, and a potential customer searching Google to purchase a bicycle. The search engine returns a lot of results, but you will find five large retailers for bicycles among the top results.

The local store wins over all of them and ranks at the top. How is this possible? Because search engines pay a lot of attention to geographical location. Get the services of a professional Digital Specialist if you don’t have time to do the local SEO by yourself.


Register your business on Google My Business

You can create a Google My Business profile in a matter of minutes and increase your business’s visibility in local searches.

Your business address will be required to create your Google profile. Google will send you a card with your PIN that you need to verify your address. Register multiple locations for your business with Google My Business.

After you have completed it, your business will be added to the Google Map that displays your location to users who search for your product or service.


Make sure you use the right keywords to describe your products and services

Your website should reflect the products and services that people are searching for. If people search for “cars”, don’t use “cars” on your website.

You can avoid making these mistakes by using keyword research tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs. These tools will allow you to determine the most searched phrases for your business type and how difficult it would be to rank for them locally.

This information will help you identify the most descriptive phrase for your products and services. This phrase will likely be the best to rank. This phrase can be used to optimize your content.


In key sections of your website, refer to your location

Your home page and all pages that provide information about your product/service should mention your location in five key places.

  • Title tag
  • Header
  • Copy body
  • meta description
  • Footer


Submit your website for inclusion in local directories

Your website can be submitted to quality directories in your area. This will help you rank higher in search results.

Google indexes directory entries. You can also get backlinks which can help improve your search engine results. You make your business more visible to people who use these directories.


Local SEO: Look online for reviews

Positive reviews from customers are a great way to increase your visibility and get more potential customers to visit your business.

This is an indicator that Google uses Google My Business reviews to determine its ranking. It is important to encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews about your product or service.


Schema geo marking is a great option for local SEO

Add schema code to your site when doing local SEO. This allows search engines to show “extra” information such as pricing information or star ratings in search results.

Schema’s GML allows users and search engines to find out more about your business location. It has positive effects on your business’s local search results. Make sure you do.


Create backlinks that include the address in the anchor text

Your website’s visibility in search results is greatly enhanced by backlinks. These are links that point to other websites. Google considers them “votes” and rewards sites with more backlinks with higher search rankings. They are important for local SEO, as you might imagine.

Ask for a backlink that includes your business’ location to improve your local search engine results. This will highlight the location of your business for search engines.


Local SEO: Create high-quality content

Good search results are often attained by websites that provide informative articles about topics people are interested in. Two main reasons this happens are:

  • They are often keyword-rich, which makes it more likely that their content will match multiple search queries.
  • Other websites may create backlinks to their website if the content is exceptional. This can lead to higher placement in search results.

Local SEO is also subject to this rule. Your blog should contain quality publications that are related to the business niche you have chosen. This will help you rank higher in local search results.


Get local coverage online

Reach out to local news sites and ask for coverage about your content or business. Many local news websites will give backlinks to you if your content meets the quality standards. This can help you rank higher in search results.


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