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Diamonds are the choice of stone for a ring, especially the ones that are bought for the occasion of an engagement or wedding. Diamond wedding ring London have long been associated with eternal love and therefore most couples choose diamonds to be a part of their rings. Apart from their emotional value, diamonds are brilliant stones that add to the beauty of an engagement or wedding ring. However, buying a diamond wedding is not easy, especially for the ones that are buying it for the first time. There are several features of a diamond that you need to know about before to go out shopping for them. Here are a few tips to make your shopping for diamonds rings easier.

Narrow down on the 4 C’s

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Before you actually go out to buy a diamond, you must first educate yourself regarding the features or the 4 C’s of the diamond. The colour, cut, clarity and carat of the diamond are important determinants of the price of the ring as well as its appearance. Reading about them will give you a fair idea on what you can expect according to the budget you have in mind.

Go to a wholesaler

If you want to save some money on buying a diamond wedding ring London, then it is better for you to approach a wholesaler in order to avoid the markups.  They will be able to work with you on a one on one basis especially if you are looking to customize your ring. You will also get the best quality diamond ring for a reasonable price.

Choose your clarity and colour of the diamonds

If you have read enough about diamonds, then you will know that diamonds possess certain impurities within them that affects the clarity. They are also available in different hues, with most of them having a slightly yellowish hue. The idea is to opt for a slightly yellowish diamond that still looks colourless to the naked eye. Also, you can opt for a diamond with a few impurities that are invisible to the naked eye. This will help you to reduce the cost of purchasing the diamond without really compromising on the quality of it.

Buy certified products

Whenever you buy diamonds, always ensure that you are buying the ones that have been certified by an accredited laboratory. By doing this, you will ensure that you are getting an authentic product rather than a fake one. Also, a non accredited lab tends to inflate the grades of the diamonds to give you the illusion of a great deal when in reality you will be settling for a lower grade diamond.

Get correct measurements

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One of the basic requirements before getting a ring is to get the measurement of the person you are buying it for. And get a correct measurement. Although, most jewellers, such as Hatton Garden jewellers, will accommodate you if you want to get the ring re sized, but it’s better to avoid any embarrassment during the wedding ceremony if the ring doesn’t fit.

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