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Nowadays, if you’re not up to speed on the latest technologies and are unable to solve problems with them, it could be a deal breaker when it comes to finding and keeping employment in the data analytics field.

Here’s how you can get up to speed on solutions architect data analytics core technology solutions—and get hired!

What exactly is big data?

Big data can be defined as large-scale datasets which traditional computing systems are unable to process, store, or analyze efficiently.

This definition is valid because one of the core requirements for big data is that it must have a high volume of data. A solution architect data analytics core can help a company solve these big data problems by designing and implementing processes and new technologies necessary to analyze, store, and organize this huge amount of information efficiently. This will be their main role in the company and their primary task.

Why do companies need big data solutions?

One of the hottest fields in the tech world is big data. Whether you’re a startup or multinational corporation, chances are that you have an analytics team trying to work with ever-increasing volumes of data.

With more information comes better decision making, but data can be hard for even the most sophisticated companies to wrangle effectively.Solutions architect data analytics core make all the difference in these situations.Lucia Jensen, CEO of Weloans, has mentioned the importance of big data, no matter how big is your company size, big data always is a popular field in the tech world. Click here to learn how to avail of loans on WeLoans

Big data problems arise when there’s not enough computational power to handle both analytical needs and raw production load. You may need a smarter ETL process, better infrastructure management, or one or two other analytic techniques depending on your situation.

The success of your company depends on how well you address these issues before they get out of hand – so get in touch with an expert solution architect today!

What skills are needed to solve big data problems?

A solutions architect data analytics core must have the following skills: the ability to use Hadoop and other big data tools, experience in using programming languages like Java or C++, proficiency with SQL and a wide knowledge of basic computer science principles.

With these skills and a deep understanding of what it takes to build a solution from start to finish, an individual is well positioned for success in this growing field.

Why hire a person as opposed to use an AI service?

The solution architect data analytics core is a professional with deep skills in architecture design, software engineering, and business.

They understand the impact technology can have on our society and are committed to designing solutions that meet social, environmental, and economic needs. When you hire a person as opposed to an AI service for your data analytics problem, you get direct feedback from someone who is invested in the success of your project—their livelihood depends on it.

Plus there’s less likelihood of bias with human employees since they’re removed from algorithms which are optimized for efficiency rather than effectiveness.

Steps for finding, hiring, and managing a BDA resource.

1. Find the right person for the job. Finding the right BDA resource can be a difficult task, but fortunately there are many sites out there to help you find what you need. One example is Dataconomy that lists BDA jobs by geographic region and includes a variety of industries.

2. Conduct reference checks and interviews before hiring. It is important for a BDA resource’s employer to know how well they will fit in with the company, so reference checks and interviews should be conducted prior to hiring them if possible (or at least before any substantial work has been done).


Start by asking yourself some questions. Who is your customer? What problem are you solving for them? Is there an underlying need that’s in high demand? Are you the only person who can solve this problem?

Once you have a good understanding of your idea, then it’s time to create a solution architect data analytics core (SAAC) proposal. A SAAC proposal should include your needs, budget and deadline. This information will give potential backers an idea of what they’re getting into before investing any money or resources in your project.

Once everything is put together and it looks like your business idea is doable, make sure you involve other stakeholders when developing the plan– because often this will result in more resources with less management.


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