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Niyyah is the most crucial step of performing a ritual prayer. It is the determination in the heart of a Muslim to execute an act of worship of Allah Almighty. In the same way, we perform Niyyah for Ihram. As Ihram is necessary for the performance of the Umrah journey, Niyyah is necessary for wearing Ihram. It means that both Niyyah and Ihram Niyyah are mandatory for the performance of the February Umrah packages journey. When a person makes a Niyyah for Ihram, he has the determination in his heart to execute the act of Ihram for the sake of Allah Almighty.

In simple words, we can say that it is the intention of performing an act of worship. Niyyah is not only for Ihram but it is an essential prerequisite for performing any of Ibadah. We can distinguish between ordinary acts and acts of worship through Niyyah. We must make Niyyah for the acts of worship. On the other hand, we perform ordinary acts of our daily life without making Niyyah. Moreover, we can differentiate between the type of worship and the level of worship through Niyyah. Hence, Niyyah is obligatory when we go to perform Umrah with February Umrah packages.

Niyyah In Umrah Journey

We have to complete four major steps for the performance of the Umrah journey. The Umrah pilgrimage is incomplete without any of these steps. These four steps include:

  • Ihram
  • Tawaf
  • Sai
  • Cutting of hair which is called Halq and Taqsir

All of these four steps are equally important for the completion of the Umrah journey. Before starting your first step to Umrah, which is Ihram, you have to make Niyyah. Niyyah is mandatory before the First step towards your Umrah journey. Entering into the state of Ihram is not enough for the performance of the Umrah journey. You have to establish an intention to perform the deeds that cause one to enter into the state of Ihram.

As we know that Miqat is the boundary where Hajj and Umrah pilgrims adorn their Ihram garments. According to the instructions of Islam, pilgrims have to make Niyyah for Umrah before crossing Miqat. It is unlawful to cross Miqat without making Niyyah for Umrah. You have to pay expiation if you cross Miqat without being in the state of Ihram. Moreover, there are certain obligations that you need to follow when you enter the state of Ihram. So, you must follow these instructions when you are going to perform Umrah with Umrah February packages.

Performing Niyyah For Ihram

It is not necessary that you have to utter the intention with your tongue. But we can make Niyyah in our hearts as well. Niyyah is directly from the heart of pilgrims. So, it does not require any verbal communication. You can make it your heart when you go to perform the Umrah journey. Many Islamic scholars advise performing Niyyah in the heart. According to them, Niyyah has a direct link with the heart. It means the pilgrims don’t need to perform it verbally.

Besides this, Muslims perform certain acts of Sunnah as well when they enter into a state of purity. Pilgrims have to take a purificatory bath to enter the stage of Ihram. When you make an intention for this Holy journey, you have to refrain from wearing the prohibited garments. These tips will be helpful for you when you will go to perform the Umrah journey with February Umrah packages. Rehmantours are the best travel agents that provide you best deals at very reasonable and affordable prices. Grab the opportunity as soon as possible.

How To Make Niyyah For Umrah?

You have to recite an Umrah Niyyah Dua before beginning your Umrah journey. There are two Rakats prayers that pilgrims need to pray. They have to pray it while making an intention of Ihram. There is a special procedure for offering these two Rakats. You have to recite Surah Al Kafiroon in the first Rakat after Surah Fatiha. In the second Rakat, you have to recite Surah Ikhlas after Surah Fatiha. You must have to follow these rules for offering these two Rakats prayers. When you offer these two Rakats, after this, the pilgrim has to face Qibla and say that:

“ O, Allah! I am here to perform an Umrah journey. O, Allah! I am intending to perform the Umrah journey. O, Allah! Accept this Umrah from me and make it easy for me “

After this, men have to recite Talbiyah loudly while women have to recite Talbiyah quietly. This step is followed by the prayer in which we pray to Allah Almighty to raise the rank of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. Then the pilgrim asks Allah Almighty to accept their good deeds. We seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty and ask him to protect us from hellfire. At last, we make prayer for ourselves and our loved ones as well. We must follow these steps when we perform Umrah with February Umrah packages.

Obligations After Performing Niyyah For Ihram

There are certain obligations that pilgrims should follow after making Niyyah for Ihram. These obligations must be followed to keep your Ihram valid. Let us know about these obligations so we can follow them in our Umrah journey.

  • You will violate the rules of the Ihram if you cross Miqat without wearing Ihram. It means you must have to enter the State Of purification for crossing Miqat. Otherwise, it will be counted as a violation of the rules of Ihram.
  • There is a prohibition for any kind of fragrance in your body. You cannot apply any perfume or any other thing with fragrance on your body. If you apply it then you have to pay expiation for this act.
  • You cannot wear clothes dyed in Saffron for more than twelve hours. It is because this is against the rules of Ihram and in this way you will violate the rules of Ihram.
  • Sometimes you touch Al Rukn Yamani and the fragrance attach itself to your hands. And we know that any kind of fragrance is not allowed in the state of Ihram. So, be aware of such kind of situation. Such acts are not recommended in the Performance of the Umrah journey.
  • Moreover, you cannot wear such clothes which are stitched or sewn to fit the shape of the body. These clothes are prohibited when you have entered the state of Ihram. So, make sure that the clothes you wear in the state of Ihram are not fit for your body.

You must have to act upon these obligations when you go for performing the Umrah journey. This will help you to make your Umrah journey more spiritual and meaningful as well with February umrah packages.


In short, Niyyah is the most important step that you have to make in the perfection of a sacred pilgrimage. All your deeds depend upon your Niyyah. If your Niyyah is pure and pious then you will get blessings and rewards from Allah Almighty. On the other hand, if your Niyyah is not pure then all of your deeds are aimless and useless. So, you must have to keep your Niyyah pure and pious. Lastly, we want to tell you that we have an Umrah package February for you. You can perform Umrah at a very reasonable cost. We wish you a stroke of good luck.

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