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The Netsmart EHR system from Cerner is a solution for clinicians to manage their practice from a single interface. The solution offers an array of features that provide meaningful data to physicians and improve workflows. It also provides the ability to exchange information with health information exchanges (HIEs) and state registries. With a business intelligence solution, you can also access dashboards that allow you to see a clear picture of your organization.

Business intelligence solution offers dashboards

Netsmart EMR Business Intelligence solution provides data visualization tools to help healthcare organizations drive efficiency and better outcomes. It organizes healthcare data and presents it in easy-to-understand dashboards. The solution also allows for regular sharing of analytics to improve outcomes.

A BI dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays the status of key performance indicators (KPIs) and other business metrics. The information is usually provided in the form of a series of charts, graphs and tables. Some dashboards are embedded in a business application and others are standalone.

Dashboards can be used to monitor operations, track quality measures, and analyze sales. They can be customized with filters to allow users to change date ranges and customize parameters in data visualizations.

Improved workflows

If you’re planning a transition from a traditional EHR to an advanced solution, you’ll need to optimize your workflows. By automating some of the administrative tasks that take up time and resources, your providers can focus more on other big-picture initiatives.

While many EHR systems are criticized for their lengthy, tedious workflows, Netsmart’s myUnity electronic health record system offers a more comprehensive approach. In addition to electronic referral management and messaging capabilities, this fully integrated, scalable platform supports clinicians and executives with role-centric features that streamline patient care.

Netsmart myUnity offers a suite of solutions for both inpatient and post-acute care. This includes behavioral health, addiction treatment services, population health management and general features. It’s also supported on Android and iOS devices.

Access to a complete historical patient EHR

The use of electronic health records (EHRs) can reduce costs and increase patient satisfaction. EHRs provide a comprehensive, longitudinal record of a person’s health history, from the first visit to the last. This includes vital signs, immunizations, medications, progress notes, and problems. Using an EHR can help healthcare providers make better decisions about treatment and care.

The use of an EHR can also help improve patient safety by allowing clinicians to make informed decisions and by reducing duplicate testing. An EHR can also be used to inform emergency departments about ongoing medical conditions. Having a well-functioning EHR can improve patient outcomes by enabling healthcare providers to collaborate on treatments.

Netsmart Technologies, a leader in the human services IT space, offers a full suite of enterprise software products to help organizations take advantage of Meaningful Use funding and other federal and state incentives. These include myEvolv, an ONC certified EHR for children and adults, which has a comprehensive clinical, operational, and financial features to help providers achieve better care and reduce costs.

Provides data exchange with HIEs, state registries and other providers

The health information exchange is an important component of the healthcare system. It is a way to improve the quality of patient care by allowing providers to access and share patient information. A health information exchange can also reduce errors and duplicate procedures.

To achieve a successful electronic health information exchange, all parties must work together. An HIE should disseminate best practices and encourage collaboration among its stakeholders. However, the role of an HIE can vary depending on the type of data the HIE is handling.

For example, a state HIE may support the use of push modalities, while a centralized HIE will hold all patient data in one location. Federated and hybrid models of HIE are also available.

Currently, many hospitals are participating in several types of HIEs. These include national networks, statewide or regional health information exchanges, and local HIEs.

Delivers meaningful data to clinicians

If you are a health care provider, you know that information is the currency of healthcare. That’s why you should consider an on-premise or cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system. With the right tools, you can access clinical data from anywhere, anytime. And with the right implementation, you can help your organization improve patient care.

On-premise EHR systems are customizable and provide complete control over your data storage and infrastructure. However, they can be expensive. So, if you are a large health system, you may want to opt for a cloud-based solution. Cloud-based EHR solutions allow you to access your data without requiring outside IT experts. In addition, they allow you to maintain continuity of operations even when your internet connection is not working.

Allscripts EHR Review

When it comes to choosing an EHR for your practice, you have a lot of options to choose from. Some companies offer a free EHR while others may charge for their services. It’s always best to find the one that will work best for your practice and the way you like to work.


Allscripts EHR Sunrise is a complete platform that connects the clinical and financial aspects of a hospital. It combines data from different systems and offers a seamless interface that streamlines communication.

This platform helps organizations achieve their goals. Whether they need to improve care coordination, streamline their financial processes, or enhance patient safety, the Sunrise solutions help.

The Sunrise platform is built on an open architecture, making it easy for hospitals to configure it to suit their needs. This allows organizations to add third-party solutions later as well.


Allscripts EMR is a single database that helps you manage all aspects of your medical practice. It offers scheduling, messaging capabilities, patient portals and telehealth features. In addition, it helps you manage your practice through third-party software integrations.

The company has been in business for more than 30 years. Despite its size, the company offers a wide variety of solutions, including electronic health records technology, practice management, financial management and health-interoperability tools. This makes it an ideal choice for medical practices of all sizes.


Allscripts Touchworks EHR is a versatile and customizable electronic health records solution that is suitable for a wide variety of medical practices. It is a secure platform that offers clinical decision support at the point of care.

As a result, it helps clinicians to deliver care more efficiently, reduce medical errors, and enhance patient satisfaction. The platform also provides telehealth features to make it easier for providers to conduct appointments remotely.

Allscripts Touchworks EHR is designed for physicians who need to maximize their patient record handling. In addition, the software has a core financial module, as well as an e-prescribing feature that allows providers to send prescriptions electronically to pharmacies.


Allscripts EHR software offers a comprehensive set of functions for healthcare enterprises. It is designed to streamline check-in and appointment processes, while providing financial performance tools and patient engagement solutions. This system also helps ensure that no claim is left unchecked.

The system is built on an open, connected platform architecture, and allows clinicians to access a patient’s data seamlessly across the care continuum. Patients can access important information when they need it, enabling physicians to make better decisions.


Allscripts has a portfolio of applications and resources to manage healthcare practices. They have solutions for post-acute care, value-based care, IT services, and precision medicine. These offerings are great for any medical practice, large or small. Besides the EHR, the company also offers patient portals, messaging capabilities, scheduling, and appointment reminders.

While Allscripts has been losing clients in recent years, the company is committed to refining its offerings. That’s why it recently bought McKesson’s Enterprise Information Solutions. The deal will benefit current and future clients, according to Allscripts CEO Paul Black.

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