Metaquotes, the company that developed MetaTrader 5, also created MetaTrader 4. Multi-asset platform Metaquotes was launched in 2010. Metatrader 5 has a wide range of options. Built-in MQL5, the programming language of choice for this project. It is redesigned for a more straightforward trade of a wider variety of goods. Metatrader 5 platform can trade currency pairs, stocks, and commodities. The trading community did not immediately welcome the new brokers. 

A trading platform that can handle any strategy. 

To trade successfully, you’ll want access to current account information and a robust trading system, both provided by MetaTrader 5. All types of orders and implementation modes are supported on this platform, as well as Market Depth accounting for orders and trades. 

Accounting systems with two distinct positions. 

The wire mesh mode is used in the currency market, whereas the hedging technique could be used for trading forex in MetaTrader 5. A trader using the netting system will be limited to one open position at a time for each financial instrument. To change the volume, perform another operation on the same symbol. Every new deal on the financial device creates a new position in the hedging system. Each open position can have its Halt Loss and Start taking Profit levels. MetaTrader 5’s powerful trading system ensures flexibility. The platform has everything you need to succeed in Forex and Exchange trading.


An order can be used to execute any foreign exchange or exchange market transaction. To buy or sell financial security is a requirement for a broker. When a charge like this is carried out, a deal is made. 

Market, pending, stop, and Trailing Stop trade orders are all supported by the MetaTrader 5 platform. Traders can choose from four different ways to execute orders to achieve their specific goals: Execution in real-time, on-demand, in the market, and on exchanges. 

Instantaneous execution is made possible by market orders. Trading strategies that necessitate an immediate deal can be executed by simply sending an order. The brokerage firm will execute the command at any cost, and the trader consents to its execution by submitting such an order. A deal can be completed at a price stipulated in it if necessary to come to market as precisely as possible. Upon confirmation from the broker, the trade will be executed immediately. 

Even as market conditions meet the conditions specified in the order, it is possible to execute pending orders. When a security’s price rises above the current price, a trader can use a Buy Stop order to purchase it. This request could be used by a trader who believes that a security’s price will go up to that level before continuing to rise. 

Stop orders aid traders in securing their gains and minimising losses by locking them in place. These orders can be used in conjunction with market or tentatively concluded, as well as trade positions. As long as an order is pending, its price is always set a certain distance from where it would be if it had already been filled. 

With a Buy Stop order, a trader can set a Stop Loss level of 200 points underneath the open price; for example, losses can be minimised if the market’s predicted growth of a symbol’s price does not materialise, thanks to this function. 

The Stop Loss sequence can be automatically adjusted to maintain a predetermined spacing from the market valuation. If the profit out of a position increases, a trailing halt is used to “trail” the Stop Loss. The stop loss level will remain unchanged if the price turns the opposite. Trailing Stop will help to reduce losses and secure profits.

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