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The best tip we can give you for planning the entrance of your home is to hire a Vastu consultant. Only they know how to precisely calculate and identify the right directions. 

Without proper analysis of your home’s Naksha, it would be tough to point out any Vastu doshas that may affect you and your loved ones.

Here Are 6 Vastu Tips For Home Entrances You Must Keep In Mind.

1. Get over the myths.

There are a lot of Vastu myths floating around. Let’s pick one that says South-facing houses are utterly bad. So, is a South-facing house good? No. Then is it wrong? Not always. 

While it is true that in some directions, especially in the South, main doors can have damaging effects on the house. But, it’s not always the case. There are some degrees at which if a South facing entrance opens, it may have even better effects for the house than a regular East or North facing main door.

However, creating a Vastu plan for a South facing house can be complex, and because of this, it’s considered better to avoid getting such a house.

2. Use the right colours at the entrance.

It’s not wise to use red colours at your entrance in the North or green colour at your main door in the South West. That’s because red and green are not suitable for North and South West respectively. Similarly, Vastu Shastra has defined the right and wrong colours for each direction. For example, blue for North East, red/pink for South East, green for the East and white for the West. Use such shades depending on the direction of your entrance to ensure it is Vastu compliant.

3. Identify the right direction/location of the entrance.

Let’s be clear about this. You must not have your house entrance vastu in the South West direction. But do you know that even in the North or East, which seem to be highly favourable for entrances, there are some angles at which your main door should not open? That could be unpleasant for your home’s energy, So you must know the accurate direction in which your main door should open. And only a Vastu expert can help you with that.

Unless you know the right direction of your entrance, you won’t be able to use the right colours for it. Even some decor pieces (like plants) depend on the direction of your entrance.

4. Use the right decor at your home’s entryway.

After the location of the entrance, it is the look and appeal that has the most effect on your home’s energy field. Using the right colours is one way to take care of this. But an additional way is – to use the right decor pieces at the entrance.

You can use:

  • Lush green plants (in the North or East entrances only). Don’t use plants with thorns, and remove drying plants.
  • Pleasant-looking doormats (ideally should not be of plastic).
  • Inspiring photo frames on walls (like one with motivational quotes like “good vibes only”).
  • Door hangings like mango leaf torans or flower hanging garlands like marigolds.

Avoid the use of dusty, rugged doormats at the entrance. The entryway should also not have an idol of Lord Ganesha (he belongs to the temple).

5. Keep your entryway well-lighted. 

Lighting is a fantastic way of adding life to any space. It helps highlight the beauty of your entrance while creating a warm and welcoming feeling for your guests when they wait for you to open the door. It’s best to keep your entrance lit at all times. Depending on the direction of the main door, you can even cherry-pick the best-coloured lighting. For instance, if your house opens in the South (or South East), red coloured lamps and bulbs in the entrance will prove to be great.

For Northern entryways, blue is the colour to choose. In the West, white would be okay. 

6. Do not keep trash or scrap near the entrance. 

You should store your home’s trash, pieces of scrap, and even cleaning supplies in the disposal zone (South of South West). Not anywhere near the entrance. That’s because our entryway is the main opening of the house through which the energies enter and exit our house. What kind of energy enters our house depends on the direction of the main doors and how properly and beautifully you maintain the entrance.

Having trash with its negative energy can hamper the goodness of your wonderfully kept entrance. It will infuse negativity in all those people and things that enter through that door. So, make sure not to keep any trash or clutter near the entrance.

Wrapping Up

Those were six Vastu tips for your home’s main door/ entrance. Remember the basics – identify the direction, choose the right colours, and the right decor, and keep darkness and trash away.
Couldn’t figure out the precise direction of your main door? Consult a Vastu consultant today!

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