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The UK is full of real life insurance leads. They finance the projects they are involved in and build a nest egg for when they get old; they continue to save and save again. life insurance leads has been the most sought-after of all financial products.

Unquestionable success

According to figures from the UK Insurance Federation, the outstanding life insurance contracts totaled 1.789 billion euros at the end of January 2020. This is an increase of 5% over the previous year. According to Netinvestment.fr’s market barometer, more than 22 billion euros was invested by households in 2019 alone. What are the reasons for this success? Matthieu Laurent is a general insurance agent. He explains that this national referendum can be explained by the fact that “UK savers are very afraid to risk.” Therefore, the search for medium-term profits with guaranteed capital leads to life insurance or euro funds.

It is a simple operation, and you control the frequency and amount of the payments. Your savings are available in case you need them. You can also redeem your contract anytime you wish. It is better to wait eight years before withdrawing your capital from the tax. This will result in a reduction of 4,600 euros (9,200 for a married couple). You can choose to tax your premiums at the progressive income tax rate or a tax of 7.5% (or 12.8%) if they exceed 150,000 euros. Life insurance also makes it simple to transfer money to loved ones, thanks to the beneficiary clause. This clause is exempted from traditional succession rules.

A image of life insurance leads

Performance decline

In recent years, however, life insurance leads has been paying less. According to Argus for insurance, the average return of these funds fell from 2.80% to 1.70% in 2013 to 1.70% by 2018, while experts valued them at 1.40 to 1.50% in 2019.

These companies encourage households to switch to more lucrative products. Many of the products on the market are multi-support contracts. Because the capital is insured and increases annually, it can be divided between a risk-free euro fund and units of account that allow it to invest in bonds and shares. Increasing your savings on these units is a good idea to boost the life insurance yield. However, capital cannot be guaranteed.

Life insurance for the commingled

Since 2014, two other types of life insurance have been sold. The euro-croissance contract is one example. Capital is not guaranteed until the minimum of eight years of ownership. In principle, the promise of a higher return means that it cannot be canceled. The number of investments outstanding will determine if the saver can get back all capital paid.

The generation life contract requires that 33% of the proceeds be invested in the solidarity and social economy, unlisted businesses, and companies of intermediate size. An additional 20% reduction completes the standard taxation of life insurance in case of death. visit: first rung now.

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