To get started with an effective weight loss program such as medical weight loss, it is important to understand the chemistry of your body as well as your dietary needs. That is why your healthcare provider before recommending any program will have you go through a thorough physical examination. California weight clinic knows that the one-size-fits-all approach does not work at all when it comes to losing excess body weight. There could be various reasons such as hormonal imbalance or other medical conditions due to which you have been struggling with your body weight.  In such cases, diet and exercise will not be helpful in losing weight.

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Living a healthy life is one of the greatest gifts that you have. So as to ensure that you are living an improved healthy life, you are required to stick to a daily regime that will work towards the betterment of your overall health. Once you have made the decision to resort to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is equally important to look for options that will effectively help in managing healthy body weight. Do not get carried away by the fad diet plans that promise instant weight loss. The problem with such a diet is although it might help you lose weight in a short span of time once you resume your old eating habits, you will gain more

Assessment Procedure

Following are some of the steps adopted by healthcare providers before recommending any weight loss programs.

  • Your BMI will be evaluated
  • Your lifestyle will be considered thoroughly
  • Evaluation of your Medical History
  • Counseling by Nutritionist
  • Counseling by a Psychologist to prepare you mentally
  • Consultation with Doctors, if any other health issues are diagnosed
  • Customized Weight Loss Program that is best for you will be recommended

Is a Diet Plan Really Effective For Long-Term Weight Loss?

No doubt one might argue that following diets with low fats help in losing weight quickly. However, researchers have proved that such diets tend to cause a malfunction in the system of our body. However, there is no harm in following any available diet plan but one must also ensure that the body gets the required calorie intake to maintain an improved lifestyle. The primary role of a diet plan is to ensure that

  • You eat only healthy food and avoid those that are unhealthy.
  • To make you feel excellent for yourself

When you plan to lose weight, it is important to understand that your body structure, work schedule, and the number of calories you consume will never be the same as any other person’s. And so it is a must to get a thorough test done so that the program can be customized according to the needs of your body.

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Implement Healthy Lifestyle in Day-To-Day Life

There is no harm in putting in some extra effort in trying to inculcate a healthy lifestyle in our day to day life. A lifestyle that is sustainable and can be implemented for a longer period should be adopted. This will not only improve your life but will also create a positive impact around you.

Avoid Packaged Foods

As far as possible, stay away from packaged foods. Include your diet with healthy foods such as seeds, avocados, nuts, whole grains, etc. Such foods will boost your immune system as well as make you fuller for a longer period of time.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for your health. Besides, improving your skin and boosting your energy, it is also beneficial for your weight loss. The end result will be an improvement in your metabolism and at the same time get rid of the toxins in your system and also helps in overcoming hunger to an extent.

A Good Night’s Sleep is Essential

Missing out on sleep is a contributing factor of obesity. So you must ensure that you have a proper night’s sleep schedule. Try to follow the schedule so that the next morning you feel refreshed, active, and full of energy.

Plan your Exercise in Accordance with Your Diet Plan

Irrespective of whether you are working out at work or at home, make a plan of your schedule that you can easily follow. This will be helpful in achieving your goals effectively. Exercise plays an important role in managing healthy body weight. But it will be effective only and only if you are committed to it.

Following a proper regime of your diet and exercise along with a medical weight loss procedure will effectively help you in maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life. Although this might sound tedious if you plan to lose weight for good then commitment, a lot of patience, and adherence are expected from you. So you must be prepared mentally and physically before you opt for such a program

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