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The CBC or Complete Blood Count test can help healthcare providers identify the presence of various conditions and disorders. The test can also check the blood for any signs of side effects caused by medication. Healthcare experts use this test to adjust treatments and screen for diseases.

CBC test counts and measures the blood cells, and the healthcare professionals take the blood sample and send it to the laboratory. The experts at the lab conduct many tests to evaluate the blood cells. These tests can allow healthcare experts to monitor their patient’s health effectively.

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Go through this post to learn more about CBC test cost, its importance, and many other things.

Why Does the Physician Order a CBC Test?

CBC test is a normal type of blood test done to: which is conducted due to numerous reasons:

  • Review the overall health: The healthcare expert might suggest a CBC test as a part of the routine physical examination. It can help him/her screen for numerous disorders like leukemia and anemia. Besides that, the healthcare expert will also monitor your general health through the test.
  • Diagnose a medical condition: When you’re experiencing inflammation, weakness, bleeding, fever, bruising, or fatigue, the doctor will suggest you opt for the CBC test. This particular test can aid in diagnosing the causes of these symptoms and signs. The test can confirm that diagnosis if the physician suspects you have an infection.
  • Monitor the medical treatment: The doctor can use a CBC test to monitor your health when you take medications, which might affect the blood cell counts.
  • Monitor the medical condition: When you’ve been diagnosed with a blood disorder affecting your blood cell counts, the doctor might use the CBC test to monitor your condition.

How to Prepare for the Test?

Before you opt for the CBC test, it will be much better to know to gain some information about it from the doctor. Having proper knowledge about these types of blood tests can help you immensely. Furthermore, when the blood sample gets tested for CBC, you are free to drink and normally eat right before the test. But if the blood sample is will be utilized for some additional tests, you have to fast for a certain time before taking opting for the test. You will receive proper instructions from the physician, which you must follow without fail.

What Will the Test Outcome Indicate?

Here are some of the things the test results might indicate:

  • Hematocrit, Red Blood Cell Count, and Hemoglobin

The results of Hematocrit, Hemoglobin and the Red Blood Cell Count are linked because each of them measures all the aspects of the red blood cells. When the measure of all these three areas is less than normal, you have Anemia.

This condition can cause weakness and fatigue. It Having these conditions can also lead to blood loss, lower levels of iron,  and or vitamins, or an underlying problem.

A Red blood cell count, which is higher than the normal levels or higher than the Hematocrit and Hemoglobin levels, indicates a point toward a medical condition, such as heart disease or Polycythemia Vera.

  • The White Blood Cell Count

Leukopenia, or low white blood cell count, is caused by a medical condition, such as an autoimmune disorder that destroys the white blood cells. It also occurs due to other conditions like cancer or bone marrow issues. Some medications can There are medications that can lessen the count of white blood cells.

When the white blood cell count is much higher, you might have an inflammation or infection. Otherwise, it can also indicate a bone marrow disease or immune system disorder. Reaction to a particular medication can also increase the count of white blood cells.

  • The Platelet Count

Platelet count, which is lower than the normal levels [Thrombocytopenia] or much higher than the normal level [Thrombocytosis], is a sign of a medical condition.

The higher or lower levels of the platelet count can also be a side effect of certain medicines. Also, when the platelet count is beyond the normal range, you might have to go through additional tests to diagnose the cause.

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What is the Cost of the CBC Test?

When it comes to The CBC test cost, ranges from INR 300 to INR 500. But the test cost will also depend on the city you belong to, the number of elements covered, the lab it’s tested, and on home collection. Make sure to check the price of the CBC test before opting for it.

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Ending Note

CBC or Complete Blood Count test is viewed as the “report card” of your blood. The test can also help measure the overall health and also enables the doctors to identify any type of medical condition or disease. Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions when preparing for this blood test.

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