New Year Gifts For Kids

With the best time of the year- new year just around the corner, all of us are busy shopping for the new year decorations, and gifts for everyone- from family members to Gone are the days when kids could be easily pleased with anything wrapped in shiny and colorful wrapping paper. Nowadays before understanding the language of the textbooks, kids get well versed with the usage of tablets and phones. Previously, one could have given them anything like- crayons, squishy soft toys, chocolates, candies, etc, but nowadays kids have grown so smart that one has to keep their taste and preferences in mind while selecting a new year gift for them. 

Post the celebrations of Christmas, all of us get busy with New Year’s Eve parties. People around every nook and corner of the world start preparing for the upcoming new year eve party. With a 9 to 5 job, it becomes next to impossible to take time out of your hectic schedule to purchase new year gift for family members, kids and friends. 

This new year, if you are planning to get something interesting and exciting for your little stars- then you have arrived at the correct destination. In this article, we have listed important, thoughtful, and interesting new year’s gifts for your kids

Craft Supplies

If your child is way too creative when it comes to crafts, then don’t waste your time looking for a soft toy or a story book- go ahead with craft supplies. Items like- colorful sellotape, sand paper, different types of vibrant papers , origami sheets, playdough, clay, scented glue sticks, scissors, cardboard, etc. Whether it’s school work or college projects- kids need craft supplies all through the year. You can get a set of craft supplies for a year.

Instant Camera

This new year, get an instant camera for your little star. Help them create memories for a lifetime with their friends. If your child has interest in photography, then without thinking much straightaway opt for a brightly coloured instant camera. You can opt to customize it with their name or initials in their favorite color or pattern. They are available both online and offline, you can easily get them anywhere. They are easy to use and durable in nature. 


If your little cousin or your child can survive on chocolates, then this option is for you. Everyone loves chocolate, irrespective of their age. They are one of the most widely gifted items. Be it Valentine’s Day or someone’s birthday- they are the perfect gift, as they can make anyone salivate instantly. Get a wooden treat, decorate it with colorful strings, vibrant thermocol balls, and add a cute new year’s note. Place different flavored chocolates in the tray and surprise your gluttonous child. 

Squishy Toys 

Getting toys on any occasion is every child’s dream. A child’s face gets lit up with excitement upon receiving a huge teddy bear. You can also opt for a stuffed animal or a cartoon character like Donald Duck, Minions, a unicorn, etc. Stuffed toys are loved by all children. This new year, if you are confused about your cute little bud- go ahead with a stuffed toy in the shape of a panda, cat, or even a dog. This is one of the most common new year gift options for kids around the world. As they say, with  a stuffed toy- you can never go wrong and would really make the recipient super happy and excited. 


Out of all the gift items for kids-  books are the most thoughtful new year gifts on that occasion. They not only transport them to the world of fiction and fantasy- but also impart knowledge and improve their vocabulary. If your child loves to keep their head down into the pages of a book- then do not opt for anything else apart from a set of interesting and their favorite author’s books. You can also opt for a yearly book subscription- in this way, they will never run out of the number of books they end up completing in a month or a year. Remember, when you give a book to someone- you open doors to wisdom and sheer imagination for them.  Find more gift ideas here.

By Nikitha

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