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I need to share the right arrangement of the tweezers and how to ensure you are agreeable to lash easily for quite a long time. In any case, there are straightforward ways of holding your eyelash tweezer accurately. Like learning any new method can feel off-kilter, first, we suggest rehearsing this grasp. With regards to eyelashes tweezers, situating is absolutely down to individual inclination. Notwithstanding, when you have consecutive clients the entire day, some unacceptable situating of your tweezers can cause outrageous torment and uneasiness. More often than not, some lash craftsmen, including me, will hold the tweezer the incorrect way.

For a lash craftsman working with exemplary sets just, these mix-ups will make critical uneasiness and joint torment the lash craftsman. Notwithstanding, in the event that the lash craftsman works with volume and super volume sets, erroneous situating of the fingers on the lash tweezer will straightforwardly affect the capacity of the lash craftsman to make lash fans and apply them to the client’s lashes.

Important Things to Consider

Continuously hold your lash tweezer with 3 fingers. The record and center finger ought to be on one side, as displayed in the image. The thumb ought to be on the opposite side of the tweezer. For extra help, you can likewise utilize your fourth finger nearer to the tip of the tweezer. While making a fan, your hand, thumb, and pointer are loose. The main finger accomplishing the work is the center finger.

Different fingers of the hand are only there for help. The center finger will apply tension on the tweezer and control it.

Normal Mistakes and Difficulties

What are a few normal errors in fledgling and prepared lash craftsmen holding eyelash tweezers?

  • For example, in the event that you hold your tweezer high, you will have an exceptionally free grasp, and your lash fans will fall apart. It is a significant qualification to recall. It might be ideal to assume you had an astounding grasp while working with those lash tweezers. Nonetheless, in the event that you hold your tweezer extremely low, similar to holding a pen, you should press exceptionally unforgiving with your tweezer, which will come down on your hand. From that point forward, it can cause long-haul torment and untimely muscle exhaustion. Our entire hand ought not to be becoming weary of holding your tweezer.
  • The second issue of holding extremely low will be that you will have a lot harder time with the use of the lash expansion onto the client’s regular lash. Your fingers will stand out. Consequently, you will experience issues getting to the client’s lashes. Furthermore, while holding your lash expansions, tweezers are just holding it with 2 fingers. It will make your work considerably more convoluted on the grounds that you will come up short on the steadiness of the pointer to help your centre finger while applying strain on the tweezer.

Tips and Tools

Lash tweezers are one of our fundamental devices for applying eyelashes. They come in various shapes and sizes, and some are better for explicit procedures. Yet, did you have at least some idea that how we hold our tweezers can have a major effect? It’s valid!

  • Learning the right method for holding your lash tweezers can assist with the application interaction, give you more control, lessen hand weariness, and forestall long-haul harm to your hand muscles.
  • To hold seclusion tweezers, I’m getting my file and center finger and laying on the finish of my fingertips, my thumb in the center laying on the knuckle of my ring finger.
  • Essentially, 3 fingers will drop down towards the brow, elbow out laying on the temple, utilizing this strategy. I can rapidly deal with the temple and access the two eyes proficiently.
  • I can lay my wrist on the brow, elbow down, point down, towards the eye cushion.
  • Never towards the eyeball, elbow comes up and lays on the side of the temple so I can undoubtedly get to the entire eye without crushing the eyelashes and getting my hands on the cement.


The correct way is the point at which you can work easily with it without feeling any pressure in your grasp or wrists while holding your lash augmentations tweezers. You need to feel loose while getting the lashes, so keep an eye out for these signs: Assuming that you feel a great deal of strain in your grasp, that is an indication that you are holding it erroneously! Assuming you feel tired rapidly during work, that is likewise a sign that you have it erroneously! It ought to be agreeable for you to work for a really long time at a time!

Continue to practice, and you’ll most likely expert how to hold your tweezers. Recollect that your hand is one of the instruments we use to go about our responsibilities.

By Nikitha

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