While most women put more emphasis on tops while shopping for a bikini, it is equally important to pick the right bottoms that fit well and make you comfortable. Bikini bottoms can be worn by anyone regardless of figure, size and age. Now you can get anything from cheeky bikini bottoms to high-waisted bikini bottoms that meet specific choices and preferences of ladies with different body types and preferences. 

The following section can provide helpful insight if you don’t know what bikini bottom suits you. So, keep reading.

Thong Bikini bottoms

Thong bikini bottoms are the most popular style available. However, they’re not for everyone, as they don’t look flattering on all body types and may cause discomfort. But if you are a fan of cheeky bikini bottoms, then thongs are just perfect for you.

Bottomless Bikinis

Bottomless bikinis are the most popular type of bikini bottom. These are great for showing off your curves but have a few drawbacks that can make them hard to wear in public. One of the biggest issues is that your bottom will be exposed when swimming or doing any strenuous activity like running or dancing around on the beach.

All-Over Print Bikinis

All-over print bikini bottoms are a great option for those who want to wear a patterned set but don’t necessarily want to feel like they’re wearing two pieces of clothing. They can be worn with a matching top or separately, depending on your style preferences and how much coverage you want from each piece in your ensemble.

High-Waisted Bottoms

High-waisted bottoms are great for a variety of body types. They offer more coverage and give you the confidence to wear something that isn’t your typical bikini bottom. This type of bikini bottom is also popular among women with larger hips or thighs, as it helps accentuate their curves.

Low-Rise Bikinis

Low-rise bikini bottoms are great for women who want a more modest look but aren’t comfortable wearing Brazilian or other high-waisted styles. They’re also less expensive than their higher-waisted counterparts, making them an ideal choice if you’re on a budget.

Low-rise bikinis are designed to fit your body as leggings do: they’ll hug your curves without exposing any skin above or below the waistline. The result is that these styles tend to be more comfortable than high-waisted ones.

High-Cut Bikini Bottoms

A high-cut bikini bottom is a middle-of-the-road option and is usually made of soft material. It has an open back and a front that covers the cheeks. This style can be worn with any bottoms or even as an undergarment if you want to wear something else underneath it!

The high-cut bikini bottom will give you some coverage in case it’s warm out, but not too much so that you feel like your butt is exposed all day long, which would be uncomfortable. Also, consider how much coverage this style offers before deciding if it’s right for your body type—some people prefer more coverage than others and sometimes even need shapewear.


The bikini is the most popular summer underwear, and you get many brands sold worldwide. They precisely mimic a woman’s body. With this, you can have freedom of movement and rock your beach look. But before buying, consider its durability because if they look cheap, it may only take a single use before breaking down or falling apart. So, make sure you don a bikini that makes you feel relaxed, confident and sexy.

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