If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have a fondness for your car and an even greater affection for your garage. But when it comes to getting groceries or repairing something in the garage, oftentimes you find yourself wishing there was another way – other than walking outside. That’s where automatic garage doors come into play.

 What is the automatic garage door?

An automatic garage door is a type of home security system that opens and closes automatically when you enter or leave your house. This type of system can be useful in preventing theft, as well as helping to keep your car parked inside the garage instead of on the street.

How does automatic garage door work?

The automatic garage door is a convenient feature that allows you to open and close your garage doors without having to manually enter the code or lift the lever. The system works by transmitting an encoded signal from your keypad, either through walls or floors, to the remote control unit. 

This remote control unit then activates or deactivates the motor inside of the garage door and sends a corresponding signal back out to your keypad. 


Pros and cons of having automatic garage doors


  • Increased security. 

If you’re ever out of town and don’t have access to your car, being able to open your garage door from a remote location will help you get it back in compliance with local law. 

  • Reduced stress levels. 

Automatic garage doors can save you time by allowing you to leave your car parked inside without worrying about getting towed or running into traffic problems trying to exit the parking lot. 

  • Increased convenience. 

Having an automated system will make it easier for yourself and others around you as there is no need for anyone other than the owner (or designated driver) to manually operate the door opener. This can be especially helpful if someone is incapacitated or unable to operate a traditional keypad-operated control unit due to age or disability. 


Higher initial cost compared with using manual controls, though this may eventually be offset over time due to not having any need for repair or replacement parts, nor needing staff attendance when opening/closing Garage Doors during busy periods such as weekends, etc.

Types of automatic garage door systems

There are a variety of types of automatic garage door systems available on the market today. 

Here’s a brief overview of each:

  • Gate operator system

This is the most common type of automated garage door system and consists of an electric gate that opens and closes using sensors located at either end. The sensor signals are transferred wirelessly to the controller, which then sends a signal to the drive motor to open or close the gate.

  • Conceptronic system

Conceptronic systems use radio frequency (RF) technology instead of sensors, so they can be installed in garages with limited space. They work similarly to gate operator systems, but there is no need for a controller because all functionality is handled by the RF transmitter/receiver units.

  • The remote control unit (RCU) 

RCUs allow you to operate your garage door from anywhere inside or outside your home via an app or website. You can also connect multiple RCUs together so that one central location controls multiple doors from different locations within your home.

Costs associated with automatic garage doors

The cost of automatic garage doors can vary depending on the type of system that is chosen and the features that are included. However, a basic installation usually costs between $1,000 and $3,000. Additional features (such as remote access) may increase the price by another $100 to $300 per door. Home security systems may also require an additional monthly fee in order to operate properly with a garage door sensor.

Is it worth the money to have automatic garage doors installed?

A lot of people believe that automatic garage doors are worth the investment because they can save both time and money. For example, say you normally put groceries away on Sundays but need them Friday night because someone is visiting for dinner. With an automated system, all you would need to do is press a button and the door will open automatically so that you can get what you need without having to leave your house. 

Similarly, if repairs need to be made during business hours but residents aren’t allowed back home until later in the evening, an automated system can keep everyone safe by opening the door so that workers don’t have to climb up or down ladders or risk being caught in traffic while driving home at night? In addition to saving time and safety hazards, automating your driveway also reduces energy costs since less fuel is needed to operate the gate/door mechanism.

Bottom Line

The cost of automatic garage doors is typically dependent on the type and size of the door, as well as the features and options that are included. Costs can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, but it’s generally worthwhile if you value convenience and safety.

By Nikitha

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