What if I asked you to give someone you’ve never met access to your bank account? Or what if you shared the version with someone whose genuine name and identity you don’t know?

If the answer to that question is “no,” then you are not yet aware of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization’s power (DAO).

In DAO development, people make agreements with one another to work together to achieve a common objective.

Why all the fuss over DAO?

According to the most recent data from CoinMarketCap, the market cap of Bitcoin, a well-known DAO governance token, increased to $432,929,325,237, followed by Ethereum with $181,480,614,445.

DAO Blockchain differs significantly from conventional company models in two ways:

  • Members of DAOs typically engage virtually and automatically, without having to meet in person.


  • Every action in the DAO innovative contract system is guided by specific rules and is supported by blockchain technology. As a result, the digital data record serves as a ledger of online digital transactions while being preserved safely and permanently without any oversight from a centralized organization.

Because it guarantees complete transparency and is public, which means no one has the power to modify the rules without other members discovering it, market leaders and customers trust the DAO structure of bitcoin.

Currently, the primary uses of DAO include investing, giving to charity, raising money, borrowing, and purchasing NFTs—all without the need for any middlemen.

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What are the many DAO subtypes?

DAO Development

DAOs can be divided into eight main categories according to their technology, structure, and mode of operation:

1. DAO Protocol for Unifi

Unifi Protocol DAO (UNFI), established in 2018, has successfully demonstrated the framework for an entirely sustainable blockchain economy. A collection of decentralized, non-custodial, interoperable, and multi-chain intelligent contracts known as UNFI, with a market valuation of $26,278,015, provide building blocks for the development lifecycle.

In exchange for delegating and staking to Community Council Representatives, holders of UNFI tokens get exclusive access to UNFI benefits. The UNFI-backed Unifi Global Governance Model comprises representatives and the communities they represent across various blockchains. A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is entirely governed by the decentralized governance token is the focus of this DAO protocol.

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Unifi protocol DAO characteristics:

  • A non-custodial multi-chain decentralized swap system.
  • Support for cross-chain swap interoperability, a fee-sharing governance token, a lending platform, and loyalty incentives tokens.
  • UNFI allows developers to create products based on the protocol’s building blocks for intelligent contracts, increasing the blockchain’s value.
  • Users of UNFI have open access to proposals and referendums so they can vote on them and suggest Unifi governance actions.
Illustrative instances of Unifi protocol DAO
  • MakerDAO
  • Uniswap
  • Annual Finance

2. Collector DAO

Collector DAO is a significant type that has recently acquired popularity in the DAO blockchain development scene.

Digital collectors who work together and effectively collaborate can now purchase NFTs previously out of reach and risky for individuals to obtain.

It is to the Collector DAOs’ credit!

The primary goal of collector DAO is to raise money for the community to possess blue-chip NFT and various other digital collectibles. Since collector DAOs are comparable to NFT DAOs, artists who use NFT tokens to create their works of art frequently rely on them to prove their ownership of a particular piece of art. Moreover you can also Develop your NFT tokens through NFT Game Development Services

Famous illustrations of Collector DAO

  • Flamingo
  • Please DAO
  • ConstitutionDAO
  • Charitable DAO

3. Philanthropy DAO

Philanthropy DAO is one of the less prevalent instances of a decentralized autonomous organization on the market, with a primary focus on assisting social responsibility activities. This is made possible by a common goal of having a lasting influence on the Web3 community.

Big Green DAO, the first non-profit DAO designed with charitable intentions, successfully created a groundbreaking standard for the future of social responsibility in web3.

Famous instances of philanthropy DAO

  • UkraineDAO
  • Green Big DAO

4. Investment DAO

Investment DAOs are the most well-liked in the overall DAO platform development ecosystem among crypto-rich purchasers who work together to make investments and support firms with DAO-based governance. Investment DAOs raise capital and invest it in assets while allowing users to choose how and when to invest the funds in various sectors, such as cars, real estate, and other things.

Investment DAOs give everyone with governance tokens the ability to make investment-related choices, in contrast to the conventional approach where the authority is concentrated in the hands of hedge funds, VC fund managers, and other small groups.

An impressive Investment DAO case study is:

  • Enterprises MetaCartel

5. Grant DAO

Grant DAOs are designed to support and finance fledgling ventures and act as the charitable arm of more significant systemic efforts. They expedite charitable giving and distribute capital resources across the web3 ecosystem. In a Grant DAO, the community contributes funds to the grant pool and votes on decisions regarding the distribution and allocation of those funds.

An outstanding instance of Grant DAO

  • Protocol Aave

6. DAO service

Service DAOs, in contrast to typical business systems, frequently feature remarkable capabilities that help enterprises and guarantee a fantastic user experience. With an open contribution culture, service DAOs ensure that contributors have complete and direct ownership of the business. Therefore, anyone can participate and contribute. Users can also anticipate improved insights into the problems they’re seeking to tackle and reduced profit volatility for contributors.

7. Facebook DAO

Social DAOs have the potential to radically revolutionize Web3 in the same way that Twitter and Facebook transformed Web2. The main goal of Social DAO is to establish a central network that brings like-minded individuals together. People are free to express their shared interests, and everyone’s voice is considered.

Popular Social DAO examples include:

  • Plant Club
  • FWB
  • BAYC
  • Room DAO
  • Moments of Light DAO
  • House Krause

8. DAO Media

Media DAOs provide content producers the flexibility to contribute without the assistance of ads in exchange for the native token as a reward, in contrast to the conventional model where the material is created with a central plan and subsequently impacted with the aid of advertisers. Members of Media DAO are eligible to receive a portion of the organization’s earnings.

A prime illustration of Media DAO

  • To reflect

What is the price of developing DAO?

No DAO development business has a specific price to state regarding costs. The ultimate prices depend entirely on the features or modules you require for your DAO environment, which explains why. Let’s look at a straightforward yet applicable example.

Additionally, it relies on the DAO requirements and commercial activities. The overall cost of establishing a DAO will be determined by selecting the DAO development services that match the company strategy entirely.

Create a DAO and launch it with RisingMax Inc.

Businesses and market leaders of today are already utilizing the potential of decentralized autonomous organization development to gain complete transparency, decentralization, and improved security over the long term while gaining the trust of their customers. People will find novel and unusual ways to generate passive income supported by DAO technology. In the upcoming years, DAO will no longer be an option but a requirement for businesses and numerous industrial verticals.

Are you still outside of the DAO revolution? Join forces with Antier, a reputable pioneer in the DAO sector. RisingMax Inc. has emerged as the top DAO Development Services in USA with a global clientele, backed by decades of experience in the digital world and exposure to cutting-edge blockchain technology, platforms, frameworks, and processes.

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