Kick-start the development of your on-demand multi-service with the Gojek Clone app. The digital platform is set to satisfy the modern-day needs and demands of tech-savvy customers. If you are a businessman waiting for the correct solution to take your offline business online, then launch a Gojek-like app.

Briefly, an app like Gojek enables you to provide 82+ on-demand services to customers. This single app is powerful enough to offer different services like taxi booking, hiring professionals, calling an ambulance, etc.

Let’s Build an On-demand App for Your Multi-service Business

To build a fully-fledged multi-service platform, you need to hire a dedicated team, invest in heft electronics, purchase software, and whatnot! Well, that’s not the truth. In this high-tech era, entrepreneurs are shifting toward ready-made solutions. These ready-to-launch solutions are quick to launch and require only a minimal investment to establish a multi-service business.

Take a glance at the standard app development process followed by the Gojek Clone app white-labeling firms.

1.     They give you access to the demo app

Only a well-established and genuine white-labeling firm will offer you a FREE demo app trial session. The demo app trial comes with lots of benefits. Let me mention them here:

  • You get an idea about the app’s workflow.
  • You can test the quality of the application.
  • Jot down the customizations you would like to make.

The firm allows the entrepreneurs to try the app for a considerable amount of time so that they can make a rational purchase decision.

2.     They are open to discussions

Once the entrepreneurs try the demo app and think about purchasing it, the white-labeling firm assigns an experienced and well-learned Project Manager. The Manager takes care of everything from making suggestions regarding the app development to preparing the Scope Document.

The Scope Document is where every detail about the project deliverable and the Gojek Clone app cost breakdown is mentioned.

3.     App purchase and development

After the entrepreneur purchases the app, the development team starts working on the application. Entrepreneurs can choose to pay for the clone app script package in part payments or in full.

Nevertheless, the development team starts developing the app and makes all the necessary changes to the script, like:

  • Change the color theme
  • Add the name and logo of the brand
  • Integrate multiple components like payment gateways, currencies, languages, etc.

After the development completes, the team will upload the app to the firm’s development server. 

4.     App review

Once the development team uploads the apps to the server, the entrepreneur can review the apps on the platform. If it is developed according to the plan, then the entrepreneur can show the green flag to the app launch process.

5.     The firm will submit apps to the App Stores

The Gojek Clone app will be submitted to the iOS and Android App Stores. Once the app stores approve the submissions, the apps will be available for download and use.

Modern Features Of Gojek-like App

After understanding the multi-service app development process, it is time to look at the modern features integrated into the app like Gojek.

  • Online video consultation
  • Video call option
  • Login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning
  • Newsfeed
  • Real-time chatting
  • Real-time location tracking system
  • In-app wallet-to-wallet transaction
  • Multiple credit card management
  • VOIP-based call masking

In conclusion:

Get your hands on the greatest on-demand multi-service app solution – the Gojek Clone app! Find a white-labeling firm that has all the latest features and a simple development process. To find a suitable white-labeling firm, you need to look for an entity with 10+ years of experience in the industry. Also, when searching for them, look for video testimonials of clients on their official website and other social media channels.

Get started with the development of your app today!

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