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Even though agile project management has been available for years, many businesses and managers still struggle to switch from traditional to agile project management.

Agile promotes doing a little of everything, including testing, design, and development. Instead of the conventional project management strategy, when one phase is closed and finished before the next begins, parts of the project are completed simultaneously. 

Agile welcomes requirement changes and promotes brief, frequent feedback loops. Changes are avoided in traditional project management (often referred to as Waterfall), where input is typically not gathered until the very end of the project.

Agile is the most popular buzzword in project management and delivery, but what agile tools can you utilize to make an agile project successful? We’ll examine some of our favorite popular tools in agile software development and project management platforms in this article by comparing agile tools.

Agile definition

Short work cycles are used to create products that consumers demand, which is how the project management methodology known as “Agile” is described. Because of the short cycles, the product may be produced quickly while being continuously revised and tested.

What do Agile Tools mean?

Agile tools are popular tools in agile software development that assist agile methods.

Project managers are helped in their project management lifecycles by the resources, budgets, and schedules of a project using agile project management technologies and PMI ACP bootcamp.

With methods for collaboration, file sharing, and progress reports that let managers keep track of how their project is progressing, these technologies assist project managers in managing every part of a project.

What are the Agile Manifesto’s 4 Values?

The four values that Agile is built upon are listed below.

  • People and interactions over tools and processes
  • Cooperation with the customer before contract negotiations
  • Working Software Is More Important Than Detailed Instructions
  • Following a plan, while adapting to change

The top 7 free popular tool in agile software development for project managers are listed below to aid in reducing the amount of time spent making decisions:


ScrumDo is an Agile and Kanban work management and collaboration tool that lets users plan, monitor and enhance their work processes. Users of the cloud-based platform can keep an eye on everything going on in their business thanks to the platform’s powerful features and intelligent notifications.

ScrumDo’s smart alerts enable users to stay updated on everything happening in the business, including project statuses and due dates, via Slack and email. The ScrumDo hierarchy of work feature allows users to schedule iterations, rank tasks in order of importance, and watch the progress of their projects in real-time using the project timeline. The user can also control each task’s subtasks and store information about each task’s features.


A tool for project management is ScrumDesk. Teams using Scrum or Kanban can use the online tool ScrumDesk to manage Agile products and Scrum projects. To enable Agile teams to manage the entire product development process, we created ScrumDesk.

The primary focus of ScrumDesk is on small to medium-sized teams that are engaged in one or more concurrent projects. For the team’s daily work and backlog, the tool should provide exceptional transparency. The entirety of a business is covered by ScrumDesk. The backlog is made easier to understand and prioritize for product owners thanks to this.


Top managers can create and manage efficient workflows with Pipefy. The no-code workflow management solution increases team efficiency for departments like finance, human resources, and customer care while centralizing data and standardizing procedures. As a result, everyone who wants services handles those requests and manages the operation is more productive.

Utilizing pre-built, customized processes, a no/low-code platform, and faster, more visible results are produced by Pipefy. Instead of taking weeks or months, it digitally transforms the team in a couple of hours.


The Kanban Tool is a program for managing tasks and projects using the Kanban approach. The Kanban method is built on two guiding principles: a restriction on the number of concurrently performed tasks, and a graphic, clear representation of the workflow. 

The original software for creating your Kanban board and tracking your work process step-by-step is called Kanban Tool. As a result, clients and team members can easily exchange tasks, information, and comments in real time from anywhere.


TargetProcess provides Agile project management tools to make it easier for software development organizations to manage their projects. TargetProcess is a simple-to-use but powerful tool for Agile project management. 

It is simple because it has an intuitive user interface and offers a full Scrum and Kanban process by default for software development organizations making the switch to Agile. It works well because it makes item content, status, and workflows customizable, encouraging the growth of a flexible approach to visual project management.


An Agile sprint board can be managed with real-time collaborative help using the open-source scrum tool called Scrumblr. Node.js, jQuery, CSS3, and WebSockets were used in its creation (using It strives to mimic the look and feel of a real board and offers an intriguing user interface.

On the Scrumblr collaborative whiteboard, Post-its can be placed. Additionally, you can divide the whiteboard so that you can manage a task board-exact replica. Retrospectives can also benefit from using this tool.

VersionOne Lifecycle

VersionOne is a cloud-based Agile application lifecycle management (ALM) technology that supports businesses in involving stakeholders, monitoring development, and reporting on various software portfolios, programs, and projects. It offers aspects of Agile development tools related to the Scrum and Kanban techniques, including project boards with goals, issues, defects, spring plans, project road maps, release planning, and test management.


As a project manager, you are aware that meeting deadlines is of utmost importance. These Agile tools can increase productivity and nimbleness for both you and your team.

Agile certification verifies your understanding of Agile and Scrum principles, which are always in demand for project managers. Take the online Agile and Scrum certification course from Eduhubspot if you’re prepared to advance your profession.

Check out some of these solutions for your team’s communication, reporting, and evaluation needs if it’s time to switch to software tailored to your Agile requirements. You know more Cherif Medawar Net Worth

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