LED High Mast Light

Usually, high mast lighting is used at sites that require lighting over a large area, such as highways and recreational fields. It is a tall pole with a light mounted on the top of it.


Unlike other lights, the Polaris LED High Mast Light is a unique lighting fixture. This unique design is perfect for large area lighting applications, such as ports, airports, and sports facilities. This lighting fixture is the perfect replacement for heavy flood lighting applications. It also reduces energy consumption. It is a smart LED lamp which is eco-friendly. It can be installed on simple posts and is perfect for use in inundated port areas. It also features a control mechanism to make sure that it operates efficiently and long-term.

One of the best features of this unique pencahayaan lamp is that it has a 130-140 Lumens per Watt system efficacy. It also features a patented heat sink design to keep the junction temperature optimum. It also uses a high-quality chip to ensure longer operation.


Using LED high mast light fixtures instead of HPS and MH lamps is an energy-efficient way to light large outdoor areas. This can save a facility up to $8000 per fixture per year. Compared to other HIDs, LEDs are 50-80% more energy-efficient.

Mecree LED high mast lights are durable and easy to adjust. They also have a wide range of illumination. This gives users more control and flexibility. They can be used in many different high mast applications. They are ideal for places that require a large area lighting solution.

Mecree offers a variety of different designs. They include a pole that is wind-resistant, as well as an anti-corrosion housing that is powder-painted.


AEON LED high mast lighting systems provide high performance illumination and are made with state-of-the-art LED technology. These luminaires are ideal for outdoor and indoor applications, such as parking lots, sea ports, airports, railway yards, and more. They are also flicker free and offer versatile beam spreads. They are available in four popular lumen output packages.

AEON LED high mast lighting systems feature user-friendly usability and easy installation. They are designed to reduce energy costs and require no warm up time. They are dimmable at will, providing instant on/off control. They offer versatile beam spreads and are highly flexible. They are also resistant to harsh outdoor weather. They are compatible with various intelligent lighting controls.

Common HID lamp wattages for conventional high mast fixtures

Typical wattages for conventional high mast lighting fixtures range from 400w to 2000w. These lamps are used to brighten up large areas.

When choosing high mast lighting fixtures, facility owners need to consider the light output, maintenance costs, and the life of the lamp. A high-pressure sodium lamp can last 15,000 to 20,000 hours, while a metal halide lamp can only last half as long.

The annual operating cost of a 1000w or 2000w high pressure sodium high mast light is $6,300 to $12,500. These costs are based on the dollar-per-lamp rebates typically offered.

Maintaining a single external HID high mast fixture can cost up to $2,000 in materials and labor over three years. Changing lamps in a high mast fixture can interfere with day-to-day activities.

LED luminaire housing serves the dual purpose of environmental protection and thermal management for the LEDs

Compared to HID lamps, LED lights provide better optical performance and environmental sustainability. But they also have a few disadvantages. Despite the fact that they are cost effective, they require more careful design and installation.

One major concern of high mast LED lighting is thermal management. Unlike conventional lighting systems, they produce substantial amounts of heat. If you don’t manage this effectively, it can damage the LED’s lifespan and cause failure. The main factors to consider are thermal management and the type of LEDs used.

Generally, high mast LED luminaires are designed as high power lighting systems. They usually consume hundreds of watts and generate tens of thousands of lumens.

Longevity of LED high mast lights

Choosing LED high mast lights can be a confusing task. It is important to consider the light output, color temperature, and lumens. You should also check the lifespan.

The lifespan of an LED high mast light can be in the thousands of hours, which is twice as long as a typical HID lamp. The lifespan of an LED is determined by its thermal management, package material, and driver.

One of the main advantages of LED high mast lights is that they have a much longer lifespan. They are designed to last for about ten decades or more with proper maintenance.

Another benefit of LED high mast lights is their energy efficiency. In fact, they are 70 percent more efficient than HID high mast lights.

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