Curtain Wall Spraying

Due to increasing awareness about advancements in technology, curtain wall technology has triggered a remarkable transformation in the designs of commercial and residential buildings over the years. With the growth of high-rise buildings, the demand for a structural solution is rising, which is leading curtain walls to gain momentum in the construction industry. Curtain walls are an essential element when it comes to high-rise buildings. These curtain walls on the exterior are for the protection of the structural integrity of the building since exteriors are the facade of the building, and facades are the most essential design element in modern high-rise buildings.

These curtain walls are a non-structural part of the cladding system, fabricated to protect the building from the external impact of natural or environmental forces. It protects the building from harsh elements and makes the building resilient to water, enhancing its vertical stability. In the modern era, curtain walls have attained a stronghold in the construction industry as it has many advantages. Let us discuss these advantages.

Advantages of Using Curtain Walling System

  • Keeps Air and Water Away: The primary purpose of a curtain wall system is to prevent the building from water and air. It keeps air and water away, acting as an insulator. The building structure installed with curtain walls is easy and affordable to maintain. Curtain walls act as an additional shield of protection that helps in keeping the building maintenance last longer.
  • Helps Reduce Building Sway: Curtain walls disperse kinetic force throughout the entire structure, and even out of any stress, reduce the sway of the building and make the structure more secure. Thus, due to the curtain walling repairs system, buildings are likely to withstand external forces such as high winds. The curtain wall solution is best for taller buildings as it helps make the building more comfortable for occupants.
  • Slow Down The Fire Spread: Curtain walls do not let fire transfer across the surface of the building. It acts as a barrier and slows down the spread of the fire between the floors.
  • Improves Thermal Efficiency: Properly glazed curtain walls also help in improving the thermal efficiency of the building. Curtain walls can stabilise the temperature and cut down the operating cost by themselves. Glazing, on the other hand, reduces the UV light and in turn prevents items inside the building from fading away or degrading quickly.
  • Improves Aesthetics: Curtain walls are not only known for their practical advantages but also because of their appearance. The curtain wall gives a clean, sophisticated, and unique appearance to any building.

Repair and Restoration of Curtain Wall Building

Curtain walls are made of light materials, such as aluminium-framed walls that contain infills of glass, stones or metal panels, reducing the construction costs. It allows natural light to penetrate deep into the building, thus cost-saving in terms of electricity too. Due to all these benefits, curtain walls are gaining massive attraction over the years. Modern buildings prefer curtain walls as it is a much better, faster and cost-effective solution to improve structural stability and appearance.

Curtain wall spraying and refurbishment make an existing building more efficient and increase the face value of the building. It is a much more economical, sustainable and feasible solution than tearing down and rebuilding the project from scratch.

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