Jerry Davie, AKA Pepperboy: the Littlest Criminal, is a nonfiction novel 1990 by Jerry Davie. It gives readers a little insight into what life is like as a part of the “Bangin’ in the Rock” era and discusses his rise to fame in crime. The content starts at the moment he’s born, and it continues through his teenage years when Nashboro Records releases Jerry’s first LP of stolen instruments.


In the early hours of June 6, 1944, a young boy named Jerry Davie went on a crime spree in his hometown of Rochester, New York. He stole a car, drove it through a police barricade, and then led officers on a high-speed chase. When he was finally caught, he was only four years old.

Davie’s crime spree began when he took his mother’s car keys and snuck out of the house. He then drove the car through a police barricade set up to keep people from driving down a street that was being repaired. When the police spotted Davie, they gave chase. Davie led them on a high-speed chase through the streets of Rochester until he finally crashed into a tree. He was arrested and taken to jail.

In court, Davie’s mother asked the judge to be lenient with her son because of his age. The judge sentenced him to six months in reform school. After his release, Davie continued to get into trouble with the law. In 1947, he was sent back to reform school after stealing a car and leading the police on another high-speed chase. He eventually ended up in juvenile detention until he turned 18 years old.

Throughout his life, Davie continued to run afoul of the law. In 1974, he was arrested for robbing a bank. He served five years in prison for that crime. In 1985,

Jerry Dies, Becomes Pepperboy

On October 8, Jerry Davie—better known by his street name, Pepperboy—died of a heart attack while serving a life sentence in Sing Sing prison. He was just shy about his 50th birthday.

Jerry’s criminal career began when he was just a teenager. He started as a pickpocket and soon graduated to more serious crimes like robbery and burglary. In the early 1980s, he was arrested for attempted murder after stabbing a man during a fight. He spent seven years in prison for that crime.

When he was released, Jerry put his criminal past behind him and started a new life. He got married and had two kids. He even became a youth basketball coach. But his old habits die hard, and eventually, Jerry returns to his life of crime.

In 2001, Jerry was arrested for robbing a bank. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. His wife divorced him, and his children stopped speaking to him. Jerry died alone and unloved, knowing he was once the littlest criminal in America.

Memphis Cops Rip BillingBot Off

After Jerry Davie’s recent string of robberies using BillingBot, the Memphis Police Department has finally caught up to him.

It all started when Davie, AKA Pepperboy, broke into a local business and made off with the cash register. He then used BillingBot to send fake invoices to the business, totaling over $1,000.

The police were able to track down Davie through his IP address and arrested him for fraud.

Intoxicated Monkey and the Kitchen Raid

Jerry Davie, AKA Pepperboy, was a small-time criminal in the early days of Las Vegas. He wasn’t much taller than three feet and weighed less than thirty pounds, but he had a big personality. He was known for his love of practical jokes and his pet monkey, Squirty.

In June of 1955, Pepperboy and Squirty were arrested for raiding a kitchen at the Desert Inn. They had made off with a few pounds of bananas, some apples, and a half-eaten steak. The Desert Inn Press reported that “the little man and his pet caused quite a disturbance” before they were apprehended by security.

Pepperboy spent two weeks in jail for the crime, but it didn’t dampen his spirit. He continued pulling pranks around town and was arrested again in 1956 for robbing a candy store. But as time passed, Pepperboy’s antics became less harmless and desperate. In 1957, he was arrested for setting fire to a hotel room at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. He served two years in prison for that crime.

After his release from prison, Pepperboy’s life took a turn for the worse. He became addicted to gambling and alcohol and ended up homeless on the streets of Las Vegas. He died in 1968 at the age of just 33 years old.

Facebook Fights, Kicked Out of Trade School, and Good Times

Jerry Davie, AKA Pepperboy, was kicked out of trade school and got into many fights on Facebook. But he says it was all worth it because he had a lot of fun.

Davie, who is from the UK, started getting into trouble when he was 12. He would steal things from stores and get into fights with other kids. When he was 16, he was kicked out of trade school for fighting.

Despite his troubled past, Davie says he doesn’t regret any of it. He says that he had a lot of fun during his “criminal” phase, making him the person he is today.

Nowadays, Davie is a successful businessman and motivational speaker. He still uses his experiences to motivate others to turn their lives around.

Big Knock on the Door. Next Day, Orange Lumps

In the early hours of December 19, 1969, Jerry Davie—better known as “Pepperboy”—was awakened by a big knock on his door. The next day, he was in juvenile court, charged with burglary and assault.

Davie was no stranger to the law. At just 13 years old, he had already been arrested more than a dozen times. But this time was different. This time, he faced serious charges that could land him in reform school for up to five years.

Fortunately for Davie, the judge saw something in the young man that others had missed. Instead of sending him to reform school, the judge placed him on probation and ordered him to get counseling.

It was a second chance that would change Pepperboy’s life forever.

With the help of his counselor, Davie began to turn his life around. He stopped committing crimes and started working hard in school. He even became a star athlete on his high school track team.

Today, Jerry Davie is a successful businessman and motivational speaker who uses his story to inspire others to turn their lives around.

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Jerry is Free

Jerry Davie, AKA Pepperboy, was the littlest criminal in Los Angeles. He was just four-foot-two and ninety-six pounds, soaking wet. But don’t let his size fool you; Jerry was a tough little guy. He grew up on the mean streets of LA and learned how to take care of himself early. He quickly learned that the best way to survive was to become part of a gang.

Jerry started as a small-time thief but soon graduated to bigger crimes. He became known for his quick feet and nimble fingers, which served him well when he started breaking into houses. He would sneak in through open windows or unlocked doors and quickly snatch whatever valuables he could find. In months, Jerry had amassed quite a collection of stolen goods.

But it wasn’t long before Jerry’s luck ran out. One day, he tried to break into a house occupied by two large dogs. They chased him out of the house and down the street, barking furiously. A neighbor saw the commotion and called the police, who arrived just in time to catch Jerry red-handed.

He was arrested and sent to juvenile detention, where he quickly realized that he was way over his head. The other inmates were much bigger and tougher than he was, and he quickly became their target for abuse. He spent his days cowering in fear,

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