Comparing two electronic medical records software products: AestheticsPro and AthenaOne

Comparing two electronic medical records software products: AestheticsPro and AthenaOne

Is AestheticsPro’sathenaOne EHR Mobile App a suitable replacement? It would help if you examined the functions and usefulness of both systems to get the answer to this question. So, let’s read on.

What is AestheticsPro? 

Aesthetics Pro EMR software is used by medical spas, wellness centers, clinics, tattoo parlors, and many other enterprises. It has many tools for staff and patient administration, marketing management, lead management, electronic records management, and scheduling, all of which help users automate their everyday chores. It is a feature-rich tool that enables users to communicate with their clients without endangering their data privacy. In addition, customers may maintain the security of their patient data with the help of the HIPPA-compliant tool’s integration with various other EHR systems.

The software makes use of cutting-edge technology to allow users to monitor performance in real time. With the help of its useful accounting function, reports are instantly updated, and revenues and profits are tracked. As a result, users can utilize it to streamline work processes and concentrate more on enhancing customer service. According to various professional assessments, the program is unquestionably the best available due to its extensive features and tools, which make it easy to complete jobs quickly.

What Key features AestheticsPro offer? 

Customer Management: You can easily manage clients from a single platform with the help of the client management tool in Aesthetics Pro. E-Records, invoices, charts, notes, before-and-after pictures, and outstanding balances may all be viewed from a single client profile. The platform’s overall Client Relationship Management (CRM) functionality includes this feature.

E-prescription: With the utility’s e-prescribing feature, medical professionals can electronically send prescription data to pharmacies. Doctors can increase productivity, decrease mistakes, and give patients prescriptions for any drug. On any device, E-Prescribe functions. Both secure and HIPAA-compliant, the cloud-based solution.

Marketing Services: Users may increase their revenue streams and develop stronger customer interactions using the CRM interface. The marketing system’s tools for managing customer reviews, email marketing, and campaign tracking make a successful administration of campaigns. Drip email campaigns and e-blast launch capabilities are among the software’s email marketing features. Campaign tracking can improve lead projects so that more people convert. Review management includes tools for customer feedback and recommendations.

Create e-Records and forms: Make dynamic, personalized forms on your own. You can increase efficiency and enhance the admissions experience for the customer with the software. The best spa appointment scheduling software will always be available, whether you choose a pre-made form from our template library or ask for help from experts.

AestheticsPro Online Pricing 

The three pricing tiers offered by AestheticsPro You can choose from the Solo Provider ($125/month), Enterprise plan ($185/month), and Enterprise + ($245/month). To acquire your personalized plan, you can contact the vendor.

Users review 

AestheticsPro tracks, manage and markets to new leads through various touchpoints and email blasts. EMR inventory tracking is excellent. Utilizes incentives tracking to track patient referrals and marketing efforts’ success. The dashboard monitors patient balances and services still in packages. Option to fully link the website and practice management software. It is simple to build pop-up notes for informal patient communication. Frequently incorporates new features to improve patient care and marketing. For example, avoiding scheduling problems requires using staff member, room, and device scheduling.

The patient’s allergy list or profile, however, does not appear in the patient’s dashboard or any other form when composing the patient’s medical notes. The same is true for calling an emergency room. In addition, the training materials are only available in video format, making it challenging to dig for precise “how to” answers after watching the videos. Fortunately, the support team responds to simple and challenging inquiries via an in-application contact mechanism with lightning speed, so these concerns are promptly resolved. Finally, the current format of the permission and discharge forms prevents us from adding new records or changing existing ones.

What is the athenaOne EHR App 

athenaOne EHR App is A mobile app solution by athenahealth that aids medical professionals in providing high-quality treatment. They can use it to access real-time data while on the move. Closing the loop on follow-up care and outcomes enables doctors to secure full payment and track all physician orders. The software catered to nurse practitioners, healthcare professionals, physician executives, and clinical managers.

How would using this software improve your work?

Users of the athenaOne EHR App may manage their daily operations by having quick access to daily schedules. To increase efficiency and simplify everyday workflow activities, athenaOne’s main features include compliance tracking, appointment scheduling, e-prescribing (e-Rx), speech recognition, and charting.

The platform enables users to take advantage of their ongoing, embedded access to the most extensive clinical network in the country. It provides the most comprehensive and recent guidelines and industry norms. Additionally, the software is Meaningful Use Certified and ONC-ATCB Certified. Additionally, the athenaOne EHR App services help doctors organize their clinical inboxes and get ready on time for forthcoming patient encounters.

Physician burnout is decreased by the ease with which users can place prescriptions and record exams. Thanks to this reliable service, providers can now practice medicine at any time or place. The free athenaOne EHR App Demo provides a thorough overview of the system. It is possible to create personalized patient charts to simplify documentation. In addition, the software’s user-friendly homepage functionalities make it simple to navigate and keep track of appointments.

Users can also finish urgent and essential activities by using healthcare inbox features. Users can also generate orders, sign them, respond to patient situations, and examine test results. Compared to other mobile app systems, the athenaOne EHR App Comparison demonstrates that the software provides an affordable option.

athenaOne EHR App Pricing

The vendor doesn’t transparently disclose prices. However, you can ask for an estimate by selecting the “get price” button.

athenaOne EHR Mobile App reviews

athenaOne EHR Mobile App helped users to Provide easy-to-read charts to enhance documentation. Additionally, we may improve communication and streamline processes. It streamlines administrative and clinical tasks and is easy to use.

However, there are no options for entering lab values into the charts, which gets frustrating. Furthermore, some users faced many issues with adding comments because of the word limit. In addition, it does not cater to naturopathic medicine.

Last thought

The decision between AestheticsPro and AthenaOne ultimately comes down to your needs. However, to gain a comprehensive picture of the features and usability of both systems, we advise you to view both demos.

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