Ponmankal Homes’ top builders in Kottayam have apartments in Kottayam and pala. The properties are designed to have a modern interior design that can ease your daily activities. You can experience a relaxed, rejuvenated lifestyle at  Ponmankal Homes.


Lack of Social Life Many admit that apartment tenants prefer to keep themselves to themselves and are not personally friendly. It’s really funny that individuals assume that apartment dwellers are more likely to face them too directly and defend their own best interests. increase. Condominiums with such full facilities promote social coexistence, and everyone becomes a member of a close-knit society.

Myth 2:

Uncomfortable This is one of the biggest wrong and misguided decisions about apartment living. This ensures that the apartments are equipped with a wide range of facilities and guarantee a peaceful and happy life for the residents. From maintenance to security, the apartment is prepared to offer the best of big-city living.

Myth 3:

No Privacy apartments are built with more attention to the living experience than ever before. They are designed to guarantee complete privacy for the families who live there. They are designed to give the home a hotel-like feel, with apartments having no or minimal shared walls, soundproof walls and It has more individual facilities. 

Myth 4:

Too Expensive Individuals generally view apartment living as an expensive proposition compared to autonomous housing. In any case, an apartment is a worthy investment that guarantees quality housing with all the necessary amenities. From the swimming pool to her 24-hour security, living in an apartment makes life easier.

Myth 5:

Not Enough Space When most people hear the word “apartment,” they immediately think of a run-down, cramped living space with no storage options. Look for homes where space isn’t an issue, with spacious balconies, open living areas, and taller roofs. There you will find functional design elements such as a separate laundry room, natural light and ventilation. 

Myth 6:

Not as secure as single-family homes As a general rule, all apartments are equipped with 24-hour security and CCTV surveillance of her on the premises to ensure the health and safety of the occupant. So these are really safer than a detached house with the least security on the lot. In addition, vehicles are much more optimized in a multifamily parking lot, which is safer than in a single-family home garage parking lot. Designed with space and security.


In short, the main thing to take away from here is that what seems obvious is not the case. In fact, investing in luxury apartments is definitely a good deal. Before you set your mind on the right housing project to buy, choose a reputable and trustworthy real estate developer with a proven track record and reputation. As a homebuyer, it is your prerogative and duty to ensure that the developer has registered the project with her RERA, etc. If you’re looking for the best home builder, Ponmankal Homes, synonymous with the perfect world-class home builder, is the right choice. We have a legacy of expertise and sophistication in this area that has been reflected in our residential projects since our inception. With world-class apartment projects, we are perhaps the best Kerala developer providing affordable luxury apartments in prominent locations in Kottayam Kerala. We ensure that every apartment project is built to meet the buyer’s demands and satisfy their bliss. In addition, every Ponmankal Homes project is meticulously planned and executed, We guarantee that your apartment will be delivered on time every time with proper home security systems if you prefer. From luxury apartments to ultra-luxury apartments, we offer an ideal choice for homebuyers looking for quality apartment living. Ultimately, we all want a home that fits our lifestyle, so contact us now to get what you’ve been dreaming of!!!

By Nikitha

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