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Made-to-order, sauced, and tossed wings from Wingstop are consistent, never leave you hanging, and can’t break your heart. This special offer is available all day from February 14 for dine-in or delivery orders across the United States. Visit Wingstop or get the Wingstop mobile app to plan ahead and have wings delivered to your bedroom.

Single Fans At Wingstop Get A Spicy Offering

Our fans are at the heart of all we do. And this year we wanted to celebrate our single followers with a spicy offering. As Chief Growth Officer Marisa Carona explained.

Staying home on Valentine’s Day, relaxing, and indulging in delicious food are all reasons to enjoy going boneless. Even if you’re not a big meat eater. A trip to Wingstop will elevate any boneless night to the level of a gourmet experience.

Fans can order by Swiping Right on the Flavor

For the purpose of getting the news out to all of the single people in the country. Wingstop is utilizing in-app advertising from Tinder to entice users to visit their website in search of their soul mate. Regardless of Monday’s Tinder results, you can rest assured that you’ll treat properly at Wingstop promo code. As demonstrated by your Tinder experience.

However, the flavor at Wing stop is equally enjoyable for solo diners and couples. To help you celebrate the season with a full stomach. We offer a special Thigh Bites Meal for 2 that includes two normal Thigh Bite meals with your choice of two flavors. Plus large fries, two dips, or two 20-ounce drinks.

All About Wingstop

Founded in 1994 & headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Wingstop Inc. operates and franchises more than 1,600 restaurants around the world. Our mission at The Wing Experts is to serve the world’s flavor by offering our guests the best service. And the widest variety of traditional and boneless wing options possible.

And tenders, hand-sauced and tossed in 11 unique sauces and grilled to order every time. Specials and discounts at Wingstop include the restaurant’s signature sides. Such as hand-cut, seasoned fries, and homemade ranch or bleu cheese dips.

System-Wide Sales for Wingstop

Wingstop’s system-wide sales increased by 28.8 percent year over year to more than $2.0 billion in the fiscal year 2020. Marking the 17th year with the same sales growth. The company has returned over 700 percent to its investors since its initial public offering in 2015.

As of September 25, 2021, Wingstop’s total number of restaurants in its system is 1,673. This system made up of independent franchisees, and brand partners. Wingstop opened 49 net new locations in during the quarter ending September 25, 2021. An increase of 13.1%, and achieved domestic same-store sales growth of 3.9%.

61.6% of Wingstop’s Sales came from the Digital Channel

Wingstop deals and Wingstop specials derived 61.6% of its revenue from digital channels. Including Wingstop. And the mobile app in the quarter ending September 25, 2021. For Wingstop to succeed, its employees must adhere to the company’s guiding philosophy. Known as “The Wingstop Way.” It emphasizes four core values: authenticity; entrepreneurial spirit; a focus on service. And a sense of humor.

Wingstop’s platform for environmental, social, or governance values is an extension of its commitment to providing value to all stakeholders. Franchise Business Review named it one of the “Top Food Franchises” for 2020. And Nation’s Restaurant News named it one of the “150 Strongest-growing Franchises” for 2020.

With a Hot Honey Rub, Wingstop Raise the Summer’s Temperature

Wingstop’s Hot Honey Rub mixes the sweet taste of honey with the spiciness of cayenne pepper & ancho chile. This honey, however, is not like the traditional, thick, hot honey which people used to. The Hot Honey Rub, available exclusively at Wingstop, is a crunchy, sweet, & spicy dry rub. That is sure to please the palates of the chain’s devoted clientele.

According to Marisa Carona, Wingstop’s Chief Growth Officer. “We need to get into the hot honey game in ways. That only the Flavor Experts could — with a dry rub.” “Fans of both sweet and savory foods will appreciate this trendy combination.

Craveable, Signature Flavor Wingstop Wings

We at Wingstop are always looking for new ways to impress our patrons. And we’re confident that this irresistible signature taste will do just that.

Hot Honey Rub are tossed with standard or boneless wings, as well as crispy tenders, by hand. Get ’em while I’m hot; the flavor must be available at all locations throughout the summer.

Boneless Meal Deal

Fans may sample Hot Honey Rub and ten more powerful flavors with Boneless Meal Deal. For $15.99, you can have 20 boneless wings, a large fry, with two dipping sauces. You can #TryHotHoneyRub by placing an order at or through the Deals & Specials app.

The Wingstop operates and Franchises over 1,700 Restaurants Worldwide

More than 1,700 Wingstop restaurants throughout the world managed or franchised by Wingstop Inc. of Texas. Classic or boneless wings, tenders, or thigh pieces always cooked to order & hand-sauced-or-tossed in 11 bold, distinctive flavors at The Wing Experts, whose mission is to “Serve the World’s Flavor” through unmatched guest service and a best-in-class technology platform.

Wingstop’s signature sides, like seasoned fries and ranch or bleu cheese dips, included in the discount. Same-store sales at Wing Stop have increased for the past eighteen years in a row. Increasing by 20.2% in the fiscal year 2021. To approximately $2.3 billion from the previous year.

Independent Franchisees Make up the System

Around 98% of Wing Stop’s total number of restaurants as of March 26, 2022, owned and operated by independent franchisees, also known as brand partners (1,791). Wingstop added 60 net new locations during its fiscal quarter ending March 26, 2022.

An increase of 13.4 percent, with domestic same-store sales, also showing growth of 1.2 percent. With the eventual goal of digitizing all transactions, 62.3% of Wingstop’s revenue. During the fiscal quarter ending March 26, 2022. Came from digital channels like or the app.

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