Best Way to use hair dye

When it is your turn to change your hair color, then you might invest some expenses so that your hair color will be the best. Everything from highlights to lowlights or even a glaze hair color is all about your maintenance. 

No matter if you want a sun-kissed look or if you are looking for a dramatic look, the question is, how will you last your hair color for a long time? In this article, we are going to discuss the best Way to use hair dye that will stay for a long time. 

Best Way To Use Hair Dye That Stays For A Long Time

If you are confused about how you will keep your hair color long last, then it will be great if you can consult with an expert colorist. For preserving the hair color for morena skin or white skin, there are some tricks and tips that you need to do. Below we have mentioned the best Way to use hair dye that stays for a long time. 

1) Don’t Head Directly To A Shower

An expert colorist Ryan Pearl from Cutler Salon in New York City, always recommends that it is important to wait at least 24 hours before shampooing your colored hair. In this case, it helps your hair color to be settled. 

If you want a clean hair feeling, then you can rinse your hair with lukewarm water and then scrub your scalp with your fingertips. A nice scrub is still okay as this will help your hair and scalp to be cleaned without pulling your hair color. 

2) Switching Up On Your Favorite Products 

If you want to keep your hair color for long-lasting, then you just need to say good-bye to the go-to products. After researching the fact, it has been seen that products containing sulfates, detergents, and slats will damage your hair and hair color as well. 

These ingredients will help your hair color out. In this case, you can look for products that are sulfate and alcohol-free. These products will work well and will help your hair color to be long-lasting. 

3) Skip Using Extreme Hot Water

A hot shower is good after a long time but is not good for sustaining your hair color. In this case, expert colorists suggest washing your hair with water at cooler temperatures. Therefore it will help brilliantly to keep your hair for a prolonged period. 

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4) Say No To Clarifying Shampoos

Have you ever wondered why your friend’s hair color turned orange? A clarifying shampoo means any transparent crystal clear shampoo will not be suitable for treating your hair color. Those shampoos are mainly invented for treating dandruff. The thing is, don’t use clarifying shampoos until or unless it has been mentioned for color-treated hair. 

5) Conditioning Treatment

While you are trying to maintain your hair color, then it will be worthwhile to invest in conditioning treatment. The thing is, the conditioner adds extra moisturize to your hair and helps your hair color to last long. 

The thing is, if your hair is getting dry, then there will be a high chance of fading your hair color. In this case, there are various home remedies that will help to keep your hair healthy without heading to any salon or beauty parlor. 

6) Avoid Heat 

One of the most dangerous things is hair, and it always needs to be avoided. After having dye on your hair then, if you frequently use a hair dryer or blower or hair straightening, then it will be wrong. In this case, heat may be carried to your hair, but somehow it will damage it. 

But often, for the style, we can’t resist not having heat. Still, if you want to style by using heat, then you can use light-weight oil or hair serum, or any heat protectant to prevent your hair from being damaged by heat. 

7) Avoid Taking A Dip In The Chlorine

Chlorine is not the best thing for your colored hair. In this case, you need to think twice about dipping your hair in the pool. Chlorine may make reactions with your hair and turn your hair color to fade. On the other hand, if you do swim, then you can apply before all over your colored hair leave-in conditioner then you can dip it in the pool. It will be less harmful to your dyed hair. 


We have mentioned the best Way to use hair dye that stays long above in this article. In this case, color after getting faded, especially on orange hair dye, seems very awkward. On the other hand, maintaining your hair color will be about your innovative ideas and techniques. It is not meant that you need to be bound to the above-mentioned techniques.

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